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Post Info TOPIC: Does the metaverse really exist?

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Does the metaverse really exist?

What is not a metaverse?

The metaverse is not just some kind of world or virtual space, this already exists, for example there is a very famous one called second life which is a virtual space where one can have an avatar and can interact with other avatars. , the virtual network is a technology but it is not the method, Metaverse development company is not synonymous with the digital economy because the digital economy already exists. It is not a video game or an evolved one, nor is it an app store nor is it a new social network.

It is a different concept, if we already said that the metaverse is something that opposes the universe and it is not only these concepts, then what will it be? The idea of the metaverse is like you are an individual and that individual exists in the metaverse in its full being and is interoperable, said Cortés Rello.

He indicated that among different people a definition of the future metaverse was proposed that is within reason, and this is: The metaverse is a network of virtual worlds , it is not a virtual world, but a set of virtual worlds, be in three dimensions, immersive and interoperable , so that your identity goes from one virtual world to another and scales massively.

That it has billions of users with continuity, first of time and space but also of the identity of its individuals, its history, its properties, its money, its communication and its payments, that thing is the metaverse and that metaverse does not exist .

The metaverse is interactive, immersive and collaborative.

He added that currently there is a primitive metaverse that has to evolve so the question of whether the metaverse exists today, well no, Metaverse development services are certain elements, certain little things that are similar but there has to be an evolution.

The evidence that it does not exist is that there are companies like Facebook, Samsung and Microsoft that are investing a lot of money to reach that metaverse, added Cortés Rello.

not exist and that we have to get there is like a goal that we have to arrive, well we dont have to arrive but it would be good to arrive, concluded Enrique Cortés Rello. Learn more through the Masters Degree in Applied Artificial Intelligence

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