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Post Info TOPIC: Is the metaverse a new market?

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Is the metaverse a new market?

Is the metaverse a new market?

Humanity has spent the last 20 years adapting to the digital world and the last 10 learning to buy everything online, with the added acceleration of two years of pandemic courtesy of the COVID19 coronavirus.

And just in the transition towards normality, the term " metaverse " appears: when the great technological experts (actually, those who govern destinations and consumer behavior on a global scale) begin to speak in public about what is considered the new turn of nut of the world of internet and social networks.

A new/old market
Although the concept is not new (there is the antecedent of Second Life), it seems that the approach is new. That virtual universe created 20 years ago came to summon more than 20 million users, land was bought to build houses and some events were held, but there really wasn't much else and the platform declined around 2007.

However, those who are promoting the metaverse already know that its main attraction must lie in the possibility for the user, buyer, consumer to live a true experience.

The metaverse, therefore, consists of a new potential market to be explored, where users will experience the new and increased novelties that brands will bring and where, once again, geographical barriers promise to disappear with all that this means for commerce.

AI, Virtual and Augmented Reality
At the time, few users saw Facebook as a broad advertising medium or a marketplace when they opened their profile on the social network some 18 years ago, and yet, this is its main functionality once its stagnation in favor of Instagram or TikTok was confirmed.

On the contrary, the metaverse is already born with this intention: it will be the new place where we can meet to exchange experiences, and these experiences will also be for consumption: virtual and augmented reality will give us the opportunity to try on clothes, go to a concert or play games. a round of golf

In addition, now yes, all borders disappear for electronic commerce, which is postulated as the main beneficiary of our life in the metaverse marketplace, and where all the large corporations are already developing strategies. For that life in the metaverse, we will be provided with a digital wallet (as the wallet we already have on our mobile), with which we will carry out purchase transactions and travel freely within the groups and events that interest us.

One of the most exciting aspects of the metaverse will be the evolution of marketing and sales strategies to integrate virtual reality.

To live these experiences we will need devices that allow us to control our perception, our senses. At the moment what exists are the tools and pillars that will form the metaverse, but the truth is that this space is still in development. And, of course, brands, retailers and anyone who wants to reach younger audiences must prepare for this reality.

As boomers and millennials have become accustomed to the omnipresence of Facebook or Instagram (along with the ads selected by each platform), a significant percentage of new consumers already consume information and entertainment in other spaces, spaces that any company can really reach without much investment .

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