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Curse Love Record (Modern Paranormal Fantasy) Author: PS Forgot

One by one, with inexplicable sadness and helplessness, floating on the broad river, it is particularly desolate. Already a lot of ghosts began to cry, and soon, the cry became one, wailing, but no tears, such an inexpressible sadness, infected every soul that had died. Death, afterlife. Love and hate, can not be sought. I can't get it. Si Qianxu's nose suddenly became sour and his eyes were hot. The boat slowly reached the shore, and the song of the ferryman stopped silently. The weeping souls began to cross the river, and one by one they stepped onto the boat, which looked small but contained many souls. There was not enough space, and the rest was waiting for the next trip. The ferryman's face was hidden under a large hat, and the male voice, like the song, was pleasant and deep, but with an indescribable touch of melancholy: "Why not come up?" Despite the heavy soul, Si Qianxu felt his eyes fall on him,tile trim manufacturers, but no one else seemed to notice that he was speaking. Huh?! Si Qianxu is stunned, that, that person is talking to him? Why The ferryman did not care about his impolite astonishment and continued, "Come on, I'll cross the river for you." Si Qianxu looked blankly, and sure enough, he saw that on the crowded boat,stainless steel edge trim, there was still a vacancy beside the strange ferryman that could accommodate a soul. And he purposely gave him this position?! Looking at the numerous souls, Si Qianxu was really confused at this time. It is reasonable to say that when he was in the world, he was neither a Taoist priest nor a merciful man. What identity could he have that made the ferryman in the underworld favor him and specially cross him? Moreover, instinct drove him not to cross the river. If you cross the Forgotten River, you really can't turn back. He will drink Meng Po Tang, go to reincarnation, will. Forget everything in this life. Si Qianxu hesitated to turn his head behind him. On the way to the afterlife, Manzhu Shahua was blooming in a gorgeous period. The bright red color stimulated his eyes to ache. Why did the dead by the river cry so sadly, and why were they willing to cross the river with the ferryman? Won't they miss the world? Of course, he did not know that those souls were awakened by the fragrance of flowers on the other shore on the way to the afterlife. After listening to the ferryman's song, when they cried, those memories flowed into the Forgotten River. However, Si Qianxu, who did not die normally, was not affected by Manzhu Shahua, aluminum tile trim ,stainless tile trim, so he would linger on the world. The ferryman who was holding Chang Song rowed the boat a little closer and repeated, "Come on, I'll cross the river with you." There was a demagogic note in the voice. The other souls did not seem to be able to see or hear anything. Si Qianxu stepped back involuntarily. Can't go up. You can't go up there! There is a small voice in the bottom of my heart shouting and clamoring. There was a trace of fear in his eyes. Crossing the Forgotten River is tantamount to saying goodbye to the world. He can no longer see his relatives and friends. Also, Baili Mengyan. Almost at the moment of remembering the name, the strong yearning swept through the whole heart crazily, blocking the meridians of the whole body, so that he could not move. Baili Mengyan.. Baili, where are you?! I want to see you! Baili, I don't want to leave you. The ferryman's song sounded again: "All things that have passed away need to be forgotten." No thoughts, no thoughts, no complaints, no infatuation. Things in the afterlife can not be sought. Don't look forward to, don't hate, don't worry, don't leave. There are many helpless people in the world. Birth and old age, illness and death, love and hate, can not be sought. Forgetting to cross this life on the river, Samsara, reincarnation, how, how? The same libretto, the helpless melody, is filled with more intense sadness and grief. The soul of the river is a burst of crying, wailing. The sadness that permeated the whole river penetrated into the bone marrow bit by bit, and Si Qianxu's throat choked and his eyes were sour. The ferryman stopped singing and held out his hand to him. "Come up and I'll cross the river with you." The whole body trembled with the shock of the hand, and there was something shining in Si Qianxu's empty eyes. The ferryman could not tolerate his hesitation at all. He held his hand tightly in one hand and dragged it hard! Seeing Si Qianxu's body was about to be dragged onto the boat, at this time, the boat body swayed, the ferryman was unstable, and accidentally threw him back to the shore. Half surprised and half angry, he looked down and found that a few bold souls who had been abandoned in the Forgotten River had approached him when he was not paying attention, and their wet arms were clinging to the boat, trying to climb up and no longer be washed by the Forgotten River. The pain of brushing! Si Qianxu, who had been thrown down, was still unable to come to his senses. His soul was shaking and his eyes were trembling. It was obvious that he was struggling with the confused mind of chaos, struggling to regain consciousness. As soon as the ferryman Chang Song knocked, he knocked them all down in the miserable screams of the dead. With a sneer of disgust, he continued to reach for the quiet-looking man on the shore. Suddenly! "Pow!" "Whoa!" A silver-blue light came out of thin air and hit the ferryman's hand. He let out a cry of fear. The power of tearing his soul directly made him shiver and fall on the boat in a mess. Lost the support of pulling, Si Qianxu half of the body also fell on the boat, one foot immersed in the river, the other foot is still on the shore, the situation is extremely dangerous! If you get dragged up at this time. "Shallow Xu!!" An anxious drink suddenly came, mixed with spiritual power, shaking all the souls one after another a tremor, ear pain. The muddleheaded Si Qianxu was awakened by this drink,stainless steel tile edging, his body moved, and the whole person slid down toward the shore. Although the ferryman who was not afraid of death was in great pain, he seemed determined to drag his soul away. He threw it away and grabbed his arm and dragged it up. The cold feeling made Si Qianxu tremble.

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