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The ordinary life of a genius

"This Dr. Chen, how can he not respect himself so much? Today is the first day to officially start running this system. I didn't expect him to give me a careless eye." Niu Renjie hates the way that iron does not become steel. Originally, he still cherishes talent. But now it is a bit unable to get off the stage, after all, he is also the first day to take up the post of dean today, did not expect him to be so uncooperative, in vain he just interceded with him. In this way, you will talk to him personally and verify the actual situation today. If he is really passive, there is nothing to say. Such a person has no medical ethics, even if he stays in the hospital is also a scourge, it is better to ask him to leave early. Besides, isn't South China TV always looking for news material? I think this is a good negative example! Zhu Siqi said. Secretary Zhu, will this have a bad effect on the hospital? Or do an internal treatment? Niu Renjie said carefully. It's his first day as dean, and he doesn't want to make a scene like this. I tell you, Lao Niu, this kind of thing will only have a good impact on the hospital, and there will be absolutely no harm. What does it mean, you think, if people know that we treat hospital doctors so harshly? It shows that your hospital management is strict. Besides, do you want the central hospital to stay in the present state forever, but you didn't expect to let her develop and grow? You want to ask Chu, for the list just now,Wheel tape measure, this Chen Guoliang is only the most typical one, but other doctors have to deal with it, otherwise what will those conscientious doctors think? Will they work so hard tomorrow? As a dean, you should treat the people below equally, and never look at people through colored glasses, otherwise, your prestige will not be established. Zhu Siqi said. Yes, yes, Secretary Zhu's words have sobered me up. Tomorrow I will announce in the hospital the punishment decision of those doctors who are passive today. This is also an explanation to the patients. Niu Renjie said. Don't think that you are superior to others because you are free to patients now. You should know that your wages, funds, food and shelter are not from the hands of the people? It's just a different way to send it down from the city. Remember, tape measure clip ,horse weight tape, there must be an attitude of serving the patient, otherwise I am sure that no matter who he is, he will not last long. At least I can guarantee that he won't last long in South China. Zhu Siqi said. After saying this, Zhu Siqi left the central hospital. Now there is no problem with the hospital system. He has to meet Tang Mengmei. Today is the day when Tang Mengmei returns to South China. Zhu Siqi wants to go to the airport to pick her up in person. Volume 5 Flying Dreams Chapter 533 Wedding Since it was time to get off work and Zhu Siqi was also doing private affairs, he drove Tang Mengmei's BMW to the provincial capital airport. Why did you come alone? Tang Mengmei was surprised to see that Zhu Siqi was the only one at the exit. It's time to get off work now. Besides, as long as I don't go out, I seldom let Xiao Li drive me. It's better to use your car than the bus. Zhu Siqi said with a smile, and then took the big gift box in Tang Mengmei's hand. It's just that I didn't give you my car keys, did I? How did you get the car out? Tang Mengmei said doubtfully. You'll find out when you get to the car. Zhu Siqi said with a smile. Arriving at Tang Mengmei's car, Zhu Siqi casually opened the rear compartment of the car, "How is that possible?"? Did you throw my BMW here without locking it? Tang Mengmei said in surprise. Do you think I would be so careless? Zhu Siqi said. Do you know magic? I've seen you perform before, haven't I? Tang Mengmei said. You may have forgotten that I showed it in front of you when I was in Hong Kong. Have you forgotten? Zhu Siqi said. You used to unlock, but now you're driving. It's two different things. Besides, this is an electronic encryption lock! Tang Mengmei said. Then you can see how I cracked your electronic encryption lock. Zhu Siqi said. Originally Tang Mengmei had already taken out her car keys, but when she heard Zhu Siqi say so, she immediately took the keys in her hand and looked at Zhu Siqi's movements without blinking. Just from the surface, how can we see how Zhu Siqi did it? Zhu Siqi didn't even put his hand in the keyhole. After sitting directly in the driver's seat, he heard that the spark plug immediately seemed to be lit. As soon as Zhu Siqi opened the door, the clutch loosened, and the car slid out gently. How did you do it? Originally, Tang Mengmei had been on a plane for several hours, and her body was a little tired, but when she saw Zhu Siqi starting the car without any help under her own eyes, she immediately came to the spirit. Pester Zhu Siqi to ask clearly. In the end, Zhu Siqi had no choice but to break her arm, so he had to tell her that this was his True Qi, which is commonly known as Qigong. Tang Mengmei heard that Qigong had nothing to say. Will you go back to South China tonight? Tang Mengmei asked when she saw that Zhu Siqi was driving in the direction of the provincial road. Of course, I have to go to work tomorrow. Why, are you very tired? Zhu Siqi glanced at Tang Mengmei. I want to sleep in the provincial capital tonight, and you have to accompany me. Tang Mengmei's voice was like a mosquito, but it sounded like thunder in Zhu Siqi's ears. Zhu Siqishao knew what Tang Mengmei was thinking. Didn't he say he would wait until the wedding night? "Don't think about it. I'm talking about you being next door with me!" When Tang Mengmei saw Zhu Siqi's thoughtful appearance there, she knew that he was thinking crooked and his face was like a rosy cloud. But after checking into the hotel, because they haven't been together for a long time, they haven't had a single photo for almost a month since Zhu Siqi officially compiled the South China Hospital Management System. Although both of them said they were just chatting, neither of them would be willing to separate. Xiaomei. "Yes." "Why don't we get married tonight?" "How can I get married tonight? Besides, you haven't even bought me a wedding ring. No way." Tang Mengmei said in a charming voice. Look,Walking tape measure, what is this? Zhu Siqi slightly separated their bodies, like a conjuring trick, and suddenly a box containing a diamond ring appeared in his palm.

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