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Wind, flowers, snow and moon

Two hours later, I regretted it. Soon I felt unable to walk, so the speed became slower and slower. Miao accompanied me to walk. Slowly, the two of us fell behind the big team, and farther and farther away, we became lonely geese. Fortunately, the mountain scenery is very good, not what I have been able to see in the town, waterfalls, ancient trees, mountain haze, colorful butterflies, two girls while walking and stopping, while not bursting out a rare and strange exclamation, "Look here!"! Look here! ^ ^ Over a hill, the front is still a mountain, one after another, can not see the end, can not see human habitation. The big team in front went so far that they could not see the shadow. There were only two of us walking alone. We were road nerds. We had no sense of direction at all. The only thing we could do was to keep walking along the mountain road. "Wow, Miao, look!"! It's so beautiful. On a ridge, I stopped and burst into the loudest exclamation. It is a flower made of white jade. Not a leaf, only a tree of sparsely bright snow-like flowers, swaying slightly in the green mountains. At that moment, I was almost in a trance. I couldn't speak after I exclaimed. I looked straight at him. Miao also looked at it for a long time and exclaimed, "What a beautiful magnolia!" Magnolia? Is that the minus word Magnolia? My heart once again praised, Miao saw me so nymphomaniac look, ran over, did not want to raise his hand to fold flowers for me- "Hey, don't fold!" Suddenly woke up,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, I hurriedly drink stop, the voice is very fierce, under the Miao jump. She looked at me in puzzlement, knowing that I had seen beautiful flowers and plants on weekdays and wanted to try to fold them. I don't know why I changed my temper again today. I also knew that I spoke so fiercely that I had to explain: "It grows well in the deep mountains by itself. Let's not disturb it.." "Little nymphomaniac." Miao looked at me dumbfounding, put down his hand, looked at the flowers and trees, but nodded, "Yes, you see the people in front of the past did not break a flower, let's not be bad people, Hee Hee." "This flower grows on the roadside, so beautiful." Didn't you fold it in the front? How is it possible. But I was taken aback, suddenly felt something, frightened, blurted out, Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe ,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, "Miao, are we going the wrong way?"? We Are we in the mountains.. Lost?! Even the tomboy's face changed after thinking through this layer. We sat on the mountain road, rubbing our painful ankles, looking at the mountains in front of us, and there was some fear in each other's eyes. They are all well-fed only daughters, and they have never traveled far alone, let alone walked more than seventy miles of mountain roads alone. Now, once they find themselves lost in the mountains without help, the fear in their hearts makes the two sixteen-year-old girls speechless. There's nothing we can do. Let's go down this road. It's my fault. I can't walk. I'm dragging you down. Finally, I opened my mouth first and pulled Miao up. In fact, we have always been complementary. Although she is far better than me in physical strength, I know that at this time, it is my responsibility to open my mouth to cheer everyone up. In order to ease the atmosphere, as I usually do after school, I began to make up nonsense: "Don't be discouraged, maybe it will be a blessing in disguise!"! You see, when we sleep on the top of the mountain at night, we will meet the reclusive swordsman, and then. Well, the two of us will not go back to school, follow them to learn swordsmanship, and then. The ability to cheat MM in the class by talking nonsense on weekdays began to come into play. She heard a burst of giggling. After all, she was also a cheerful person. She also thought that she was accompanied by someone. She became active and went on to make up stories. The two of them laughed while walking. However, the sky soon got dark, but there were still only mountains, mountains, mountains in front of us, and we could not see a family or a village! In the twilight, we stopped on a hilltop and trudged for a long time. We felt hungry and thirsty. The worst thing was the helplessness of being far away from everything. Finally, both of us could not help crying. Look, Xiaomei, there is a temple ahead. "Miao watched me gasping for breath, knowing that I couldn't walk any more. She ran forward for a while and came back excitedly and said to me," Let's go and have a look. Maybe we can ask for something to eat and have a rest. Are you all right? It's my fault to pull you so far when I know you're weak. We helped each other to the front of the ruined temple. After reading many martial arts novels, I suddenly shivered-it seems that this place is so dilapidated and quiet. The night wind blew over, and the brass clanging bells hanging under the eaves clanged, and there was no light from the oil lamp inside. I looked up and saw three words on the broken plaque, which I vaguely recognized as "Baoyu Temple". I suddenly couldn't help laughing. What? The atmosphere in the front is so good, just like some scenes I saw in those martial arts novels. But, but.. Why is it called "Baoyu Temple"? Explosion ~ No sense of beauty at all. Miao was startled by my sudden laughter. He gave me a white look and pushed me to a few broken wooden benches under the porch. "Xiaomei, take a break. I'll go in and have a look. I'll get you a bowl of water." Before she had finished speaking, she jumped into the threshold. I sat and waited for about a quarter of an hour. The night was getting darker and darker, as if something had swallowed up the mountains. There was no light or human voice in Baoyu Temple. Miao went in as if he had disappeared without a sound. I was suddenly afraid eight years later, I still remember the fear I felt at that moment and I suddenly stood up from the stool, and my first reaction was to jump down the steps and run away. Suddenly, however, I thought of Miao. Before the thought of fear completely occupied my heart, I pushed open the door of the broken temple and jumped in, shouting: "Miao!"! Miao! What's the matter with you? Get out of here! Miao- " As I shouted,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, I ran to the courtyard behind the Buddha statue. My palms were covered with cold sweat. It was so dark inside that I couldn't see anything. I felt a lot of things on my feet and stumbled along. In the darkness, there seemed to be something coming towards me. Alas, there was a crash. It was so loud that something fell to the ground.

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