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Post Info TOPIC: The future of education is marked by technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, gamification or the metaverse?

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The future of education is marked by technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, gamification or the metaverse?

The application of technology to education is one of the great trends of our days, undoubtedly accelerated by the pandemic that made online training an obligation. Students, but also teachers and educational centers embraced, in this way, the so-called EdTech, both software and hardware tools that allow the optimization and improvement of teaching processes, obtaining better results.

A phenomenon that, far from being abandoned, continues to grow today as a way to adapt the education sector to the new digital society. In fact, investment in EdTech has not stopped growing since 2020 and, according to The Valley ,metaverse development company the Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027) of the European Union is an example of initiatives with which it is intended to promote the development of a high -performance digital educational ecosystem and improve digital skills and capabilities for digital transformation with the point of utilizing computerized innovation for instructing and learning.

more accessibility
Thus, this union of technology and education, they say from The Valley, offers great advantages such as "greater accessibility to knowledge since it has taken learning out of the classroom and, in turn, has provided them with more tools to create environments where work theoretical and practical can take place in the same space thanks to technologies such as artificial intelligence or augmented reality, which are progressively utilized in schools to produce better opportunities for growth".

In addition, they point out, technology "contributes to improving learning outcomes, increasing equity and improving efficiency, as well as providing greater flexibility for students and invites greater participation, which increases their interest in continuing their studies" .

Hybrid models, with room to innovate and use new tools such as artificial intelligence in their training, tools such as 3D printers, programming and robotics subjects... are trends that we will see more and more in the classroom.

Thus, from The Valley, they have identified the main benefits the application of EdTech calls will bring to the education sector:

In the first place, technological applications and tools, they say, will make it possible to offer more complete and real experiences. "Trying the information that is being absorbed is in every case considerably more proper to learn better and assurance progress in schooling. However, sometimes experiencing a real situation in the classroom is not always feasible or credible. With virtual reality it is already possible to do it and one of the sectors that is benefiting the most from this tool is health, where technology has contributed to achieve a new approach; a predictive, personalized and participatory vision that places the patient at the center. In addition, hand in hand with virtual reality is augmented reality that, within the real world,

Artificial Intelligence
Secondly, we are facing an intelligent and personalized education. The imitation of the human mind to carry out tasks has, among a multitude of applications, the personalization of education. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the lessons can be adapted to the progress of the students to achieve a more effective teaching that can be adapted to the needs of the students. In the same way, personalized materials are also developed that complement and help each student's learning, they explain.

Gamification is the third protagonist of the analysis of The Valley. According to the digital school, when you play, you constantly learn, you unconsciously acquire knowledge and, most importantly, you have a greater disposition. For this reason, there are more and more training tools that use gamification to make teaching more bearable and attractive. A resource for all audiences that, when used properly, makes students feel attracted to the lesson they are learning and training is a different and enjoyable activity.

On the other hand, they point out that more and more schools are betting on robotics as a channel to implement in their study plans and that will allow children to program their own robots that will later help them with their learning in the classroom.

The metaverse
And as a fourth benefit of the implementation of technology in education, The Valley points to the possibility of discovering new realities such as the Metaverse development services , a virtual place that has come to become a new space to interact, and that will also be useful for offering training, since it will allow professionals, experts and students to share digital spaces, adding an immersive component to learning. "In addition, professionals who already know the Metaverse because they have used it during their training will have an advantage and knowledge that can make a difference, since in a few years any company and sector will have to enter this space to reach an audience that will seek to buy, find out or interact through virtual worlds. That is why the entry of the Metaverse in the education sector can transform the way of learning and expand access to education.

The education of tomorrow, which we are already drawing today, therefore, has a great ally in technology. "Innovation utilized well has many intriguing purposes with regards to instruction. Since 2020, the EdTech industry is emerging and has already brought with it amazing uses of educational technology that will be highly beneficial to all members of the sector. In addition, it allows people who are already immersed in the world of work to recycle and train and choose where, when and how without interrupting their work, which we take very seriously at The Valley", says Juan Luis Moreno, Partner & Chief Innovation Officer of The Valley.

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