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Post Info TOPIC: What is Metaverse? and characteristics of metaverse development company?

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What is Metaverse? and characteristics of metaverse development company?

The metaverse, the statement continues, "is an expansive, community and real-time digital space, increasingly present, where users can interact with brands,†metaverse development company†characters and other intellectual properties, while being entertained and socialized." "This represents a business opportunity for companies whose main objective when betting on the metaverse is to reach a wider audience," he adds.

In this sense, the director of Innovation of The Valley, Juan Luis Moreno, presented at the aforementioned event what he considers to be the keys to the transformation of this area that "is at the doors of perhaps of the greatest disturbance that have happened lately."

The 8 characteristics of the Metaverse
Since, based on a connected 3D virtual environment, where the real and digital worlds are integrated using technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality , the future that the Metaverse brings will affect all sectors and areas. And, in his opinion of him, it will bring together characteristics such as:

1.- It is persistent
The temporary disconnection with the Metaverse, according to Moreno, "is always non-existent", to the point that "life goes on, you can always be present in the Metaverse both with a real presence and online".

2.- It is social
According to the characteristics of the Metaverse cited by The Valley, "it will be the extension of our social and professional lives" and an evolution of social networks. In this way, he considers that users will meet and communicate through digital avatars, explore new areas and create content.

"For instance, to dress the symbols, you can purchase garments carefully,†metaverse development services†as a matter of fact, a few brands have previously started to showcase this sort of dress," he says, comparable to the possibility of selling products in the Metaverse and with the H&M fact has already opened an online store there.

3.- It is reactive
For The Valley, the environment and people react to people's interactions in real time in this new virtual ecosystem. In such a way that ęthe organization of events is foreseen for which you will have to pay to be able to attend: conferences, concerts, theater, etc. and we can imagine how thanks to language processing and voice recognition, we can respond to song requests from the audience and, perhaps one day, even have a conversation.

4.- It is decentralized
The fourth feature of the Metaverse is that it is decentralized and therefore "ownership is distributed." In such an environment, the press release adds, "blockchain technology will be the lifeblood that sustains the metaverses."

5.- It has no limits
As quoted by The Valley, in the Metaverse "there is no maximum number of users, experiences or worlds." So "an avatar will be able to attend a meeting with colleagues also, almost certainly, new representation devices will arise zeroed in on further developing efficiency in the business climate."

6.- It is interoperable
Sixth, among the features of the Metaverse,†Metaverse integration service†should be mentioned that "there are no exclusive ties to platforms and devices." That is, that "experiences, identities and economics are interoperable between metaverses."

7.- It is a space for creativity
People and Artificial Intelligence "will be active creators of the metaverse," according to the corporate press release. "Huge brands, for instance, would promote in the city and may try and sell reproductions of genuine items, like vehicles, clothing, or mechanical items," he predicts.

8.- It is a new reality with amplification of the physical
Finally, The Valley values that the eighth of the characteristics of the Metaverse is that "it will expand daily activities and interactions", which "will be an extension of them."

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