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Post Info TOPIC: How Can you own property in the Metaverse?

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How Can you own property in the Metaverse?

"In ten years we will stop using mobiles because the Metaverse is the future of humanity"


A new digital bubble or the future? Mondragon Unibertsitatea has organized a seminar to answer what is hidden behind the Metaverse Development Service hype and the future of this universe that has even led Mark Zuckerberg to change the focus of his company and change the name of Facebook to Meta. Who better than Roberto Romero, an indisputable star of the sector to scrutinize throughout this process.

To be honest, I hear about Metaverse and I get incredible vertigo because one is already of an age and working through life like an avatar... well, it's kind of far away. Please briefly explain to us, as for Dumis, what the Metaverse is.

The Metaverse is an idea, a concept, it is a destiny as an evolution of something. Do you remember that in the nineties all the media talked about cyberspace? That, in the end, became tangible in the World Wide Web , in the Internet that we knew 1.0 and that later has evolved.

What practical applications will it have?

Infinity of them. Basically it can be a clone of the real world in which to do different activities. For example, we can replicate the operation of a factory to train employees or we can do concerts in environments that do not have to respect the laws of physics, or yes. We can have virtual meetings with people who are in different parts of the planet and as an avatar have the ability to interact immersively, which is what we lose a bit with a video conference. You can move your hands, make gestures, share a whiteboard that works just like one in the real world, etc. We can train people without generating waste and much cheaper. Then there is all the gaming part , which is the one that launches all these markets. But this B2B market will also be important, as it will help companies to be more efficient, because it will save them time and money, so it will be a very powerful tool.

What stage of development is it in?
Because to interact in this world you need augmented reality glasses that, apart from being uncomfortable, are very expensive. The new virtual reality market emerged in 2012 with the augmented reality company Oculus, now bought by Facebook. We are no longer talking about the prohibitive prices of ates, currently some Oculus cost 350 euros. All this technology has become cheaper but not necessarily to enter the Metaverse Token Development Company because you can enter through a browser. I know that it is still difficult for people to see that future because those devices have not yet reached the consumer, those glasses that draw graphics that look like holograms, that integrate you into the virtual world as if it were the real world. And that is the true revolution, when we can make the Internet tangible and add a layer of services and information to what we see with our own eyes and share it with the rest of the people.

And what real insight does the Metaverse have today?

We have been seeing great games for a decade, applications to make virtual processes and this has gradually permeated both in society and in the company and the prices of technology have fallen, making it more accessible to the general public, but it remains way to go. As a 'boomer' and a digital non-native, I used to tell you that Metaverse made me dizzy, but in reality what it scares me is because behind it is the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, whose record is peppered with irresponsibility, lack of respect for privacy or a 'necessary complicity' in the distribution of 'fake news'. Did you launch Meta to clean up your controversial business practices or is there a real basis for this virtual world?

The move from Facebook to Meta is a very special move because it has been one of the big drivers of virtual reality since the Oculus acquisition. Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has been one of the great supporters in the development of this new technology, he invests billions of dollars in it that the entire community and the entire immersive media development industry are taking advantage of for our projects. Beyond this, Facebook Meta has wanted to position itself as a pioneer in the development of Metaverse and with this movement what it has done has been to say to the entire industry: I am going to lead the process. One very important thing, which went unnoticed in Zuckerberg's presentation of Meta, was that his platform, that the Metaverse Store Development Company that they were going to generate within the network of different metaverses that are already generated by other companies, was going to be an open world to connect to other virtual worlds so that all the metaverses could connect with each other, like the Internet . Imagine that Google was only connected to Google applications, that we couldn't navigate from one page to another, that we couldn't have hyperlinks. Another issue is the issue of privacy and The Internet as we know it would not exist. Another issue is the issue of privacy and The Internet as we know it would not exist. Another issue is the issue of privacy and fake news and the responsibility of Facebook in all this, although those who take advantage of the tool are third parties.

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