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Post Info TOPIC: What is the metaverse and what opportunities does it offer?

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What is the metaverse and what opportunities does it offer?

What is the metaverse?

To know what it is, it is first necessary to understand its meaning. The word "metaverse" is an acronym composed of "meta", which comes from the Greek and means "after" or "beyond", while "verse" refers to "universe", so we are talking about All this in a decentralized way.

In fact, the online video game company Roblox has its own metaverse and is a pioneer in the development of several aspects, in part, due to its experience with virtual worlds created by its users, as well as for holding large events in its platform.

How does the metaverse work?

If with the Internet it is possible to interact through the screen of the computer, smartphone , tablet or other device, without restrictions of time or space -that is, from any moment and place-, with the metaverse the limit of that screen vanishes, offering an immersive experience, as if we were inside a video game and we moved through an avater.

Although it is possible to enter the metaverse from the computer, devices such as virtual reality and augmented reality glasses, for example, offer an even more realistic experience. But beyond the way we access it, the key to the metaverse lies in what we can do within it, thanks to web 3.0 or web3 , as the third generation of the Internet is known.

While web 1.0 was based on hypertext -links or links- and web 2.0, on interaction -social networks- , web 3.0 is based on the creation and exchange of digital assets -NFTs- using blockchain technology . The chain of blocks is precisely the basis for the metaverse to be decentralized and users and developers can be the owners of their own data and content.

What can I do in the metaverse?

As the metaverse is still in a development phase where companies like Facebook (now Meta) are creating the necessary infrastructure for it to function, the limits on what can and cannot be done are not clear. In addition, the intention of its developers is that users can contribute ideas and put them into practice in the metaverse as technology allows.

What does seem evident is that it will be the evolution of what we know today as the Internet, so some of the main changes will occur in the way.

To work. During the presentation of his metaverse, Zuckerberg made it clear that one of the objectives is for it to become a workplace, in which people can meet in virtual spaces as if they were physically, and have the necessary tools to hold meetings. , work, make presentations, among other things.

Have fun. Attending a concert and feeling as if you were sharing the same place with the artist and the public, but without leaving your living room, is one of the examples of how the entertainment industry could change. Mass events would have the option of being face-to-face, virtual, or a hybrid, depending on the needs of the spectators.

To buy. Despite the fact that it is currently possible to buy online , with the metaverse development company this practice would be much more real, since each user's avatar would be used It would also be possible to interact with the seller in the same way that we do in a real store, asking him questions about the items or asking for his opinion of him.

How to take advantage of the opportunities of the metaverse?

  • Like Meta, companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Epic Games and many others in the world of technology are working on the development of applications and tools to be part of the new virtual universe.


  • But there are also companies from various sectors that have been interested in taking advantage of the business opportunities offered by the metaverse, which will configure a new financial ecosystem based on blockchain and cryptocurrencies , and which could be similar to that of the physical world.


  • For example, the multinational fashion company Nike presented Nikeland, a parallel reality located on the Roblox gaming platform, which allows users to exercise or dress in the brand's clothing using their avatars; the car brand BMW has plans to create an exact replica of one of its factories and do virtual tests that would later be transferred to real life; the real estate company Metaverse Property sells plots in several of the metaverses that have already been created, as well as managing the rental or care of the virtual properties.


  • NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are also part of the metaverse economy, so they can be bought, sold, and exposed in these virtual worlds.

When will the metaverse be ready?

Knowing when it will be available is one of the most frequently asked questions around the metaverse. The different platforms that are working on metaverses development service still need software and hardware development to offer the experience they promise. The founder of Facebook, for example, ensures that it is a long-term project, so it may take between 10 and 15 years to be ready.

It is even possible that there is no specific date for its launch and that, on the contrary, the necessary technological advances are incorporated as they become available.

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