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Smell the fragrance and know the ghost

"No, I have encountered so many strange things, many things are not strange, can you tell me the specific situation of that dream?" It was in a deserted monastery. There was a dry well in the backyard. There was a corpse in the well. It was a young girl, about fifteen or sixteen years old? The chest was cut open, the heart was missing, and it was terrible. "Did you hear the legend of the ghost building in the past and think of it when you were frightened this time? I have read the file of the Luo family case. The police judged that Luo Nian, the daughter of the Luo family, had killed people. After killing people, she had her heart cut out.". This Luo Nian happened to be seventeen years old, about the same age as the woman you saw in your dream, and the same as losing her heart. "Well, Miss Su, what you said is very reasonable, so I'm relieved." The dark clouds on Zhang Peipei's face dispersed a lot. He stood up happily and asked, "Teacher Lin, do you want to eat chestnut cake? I saw it at the entrance of the alley in front of me. I'll buy it." Then he ran out in a flash. Lin Shu-ning said with a smile, "This girl is clearly greedy for her own food." (To be continued.) The third chapter must be retribution. A few days later, Su San received a phone call from Miao Yi: "Miss Su, that gang of thieves has been caught. The exclusive news is coming. There is no such shop in this village." Su San was overjoyed when he heard this, and it was another exclusive. Xiao Wu hasn't been released yet,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, and the newspaper is now jittery. After opening the skylight for two days in a row, the reputation of Shenjiang Evening News is extremely bad. Fortunately, the Oolong Haunted Incident has been able to save some. Su San works hard. After all, Evening News is her first job, and she loves it. Seeing that Su San wanted to go out, Director Li ran up three steps and two steps and asked: "Su San, about Xiao Wu.." Su San said hurriedly, "I mentioned it to Inspector Luo." Without waiting for Director Li to ask again,Sex Enhancement Powder, he hurriedly said that there was urgent news and ran away. Director Li looked at her back and spat: "Virtue, I don't know how heavy I am." Editor Song came over and patted him on the shoulder: "Lao Li, the world is different. Now it is different from the past. You have to accept it slowly. The waves behind the Yangtze River drive on the waves before." Su San, of course, did not know the turbulent undercurrent behind this. When he went out, he waved and called a rickshaw. Just as he was about to get on the rickshaw, he saw a woman opposite calling her. Su San hurriedly said to the driver, "Please wait a minute." The woman ran over. She was a girl dressed as a schoolgirl in a blue cloth robe and a white scarf. It was Zhang Peipei who was seen in the hospital that day. " Hello, Miss Zhang. "Miss Su, something has happened." "Yes, the gang of thieves has been caught, and you have made a great contribution." Su San thought she was talking about this. No, Miss Su, something happened to our drama club. Alas, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,D BHB Factory, not the whole drama club, but the people who went to explore that day. Yesterday Wu Heng came home at night and was hit by a car. Just now, Sun Ling. She jumped off the building! When Chang Pei-pei said this, her face was full of fear and she held Su San's hand tightly. "Miss Su, I'm really afraid. I've been having that dream all the time.". Can you believe it? I've been having the same dream every night, and now that something's happened to them, I'm worried that I'll be next. "Wait, one gets hit by a car and the other jumps off a building?" "Yes, suddenly he jumped off the building.". I didn't dare to look at it at all, so I ran straight to you. Miss Su, please help me. I was so scared. "Miss Zhang, please calm down. Well, follow me to breathe deeply, breathe deeply and exhale. Yes, that's it." Su three listen to Lin Shu Ning said Zhang Peipei heart problems, hurriedly hold her hand to let her mood slowly stabilized. Then the rickshaw puller waited impatiently and asked, "Miss, are you going or not?" Su San took Zhang Peipei's hand and said, "Well, I'm going to the police station. Why don't you go with me? I believe your female classmate has to work in the police station." Zhang Peipei thought about it and thought it was the best, so she followed him into the rickshaw, and the two of them squeezed. "Miss," said the coachman, "you'll have to pay more for these two." Without waiting for Su San to speak, Zhang Peipei said hurriedly, "OK, OK, I'll give you more money to go.". Obstructing the rickshaw driver, the two of them could not speak all the way. They got off at the gate of the police station. The policeman on guard knew Su San and said with a smile, "It's really a big reporter. The news is good. A girl who jumped off a building has just arrived." Zhang Peipei's face was pale. He held Su San's hand tightly and said, "It should be Sun Ling." Su San thanked the policeman for taking Zhang Peipei into the hall of the police station, which was very busy. In the middle of the hall, there was a row of people tied with ropes, which should be the gang of thieves caught. When the leader saw Su San and Zhang Peipei coming in, he shouted at Zhang Peipei, "Smelly girl, I know you!"! You'll get what you deserve! Zhang Peipei was so frightened that she hid behind Su San and her voice trembled: "Su.." Miss, he said retribution. "He's talking nonsense. How many things have they stolen everywhere? Maybe it's other people's life-saving money. You hit their foothold by mistake. This is a great good thing. God really has eyes to take care of you." "But, Miss Su, we really seem to have been punished." As he spoke, he had already arrived at the door of Luo Yin's office. The young man was just coming from the other end of the corridor with something in his arms. He was very surprised to see Su San. "Miss Su, have you opened your eyes?"? How do you know someone jumped off a building? "This is a police station. Don't say anything." Luo Yin knocked on the table in the room. "Don't preach this here. You, come in right away." Su San pulled Zhang Peipei in. Luo Yin saw that there was still a girl. He hesitated for a moment and gave a dry cough. "A newcomer to your newspaper?"? Why don't you want Wu Huansheng at all? "No, this is Miss Chang from St. John's University. It was their drama club that discovered the location of the thieves last time." "Oh, the guys who broke into people's houses when they were full, right?"? You come here. Zhang Peipei looked at Su San and was a little scared. He's still a student. If you have something to say, just say it directly. Don't scare people. Su San spoke out for justice on one side. The one who jumped from St. John's just now is also from your drama club? Yes,L Methylfolate Factory, as soon as I walked into the campus in the afternoon, I heard that Sun Ling had jumped off the building. I was really scared, so I went to the newspaper office to find Miss Su.

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