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Ravaged, you are also reborn.

"Boa!" Ye Rumeng hurried up to meet him. "What's the matter?" It won't be.. Will not be this Tao Childe bullying her? Ye Rumeng looked at Tao Gongzi behind her, but saw that his face was calm, and he didn't look like he had just bullied someone. Sister Meng. Boa sobbed, "I picked it up, I picked it up." I'm not born to my parents. "Huh?" Ye Rumeng was taken aback, unexpectedly cold might as well show a happy face. Baoer looked at her with tears in her eyes, thinking that she was dazzled, and quickly rubbed her eyes. Ye Rumeng smiled hurriedly, "how could you know?"? No, how do you know that? Who did you hear that from? Chapter 60 intoxication. Baoer was still sobbing. Mr. Tao, who was behind her, stepped forward and said slowly, "I've been looking for Baoer a while ago. Later, I thought Baoer's father was a little strange. I found out that Baoer was picked up by her mother." He said, slightly closed his eyes, quietly observing Ye Rumeng, this Ye Rumeng, just that smiling Baoer may not have seen, but fell into his eyes,Serum Bottle With Dropper, he felt a little strange, this Ye Rumeng as if he knew in advance that Baoer was picked up. That's it! Ye Rumeng pretended to be suddenly enlightened. "Where were you picked up?"? When is it? Did you have any tokens on you at that time? Ye Rumeng repeatedly asked, eager to look at two people, these two people are quick to say ah, if the time can be consistent with the lost daughter of the General's Office, she can go directly to Sun Shi. Boa bowed her head and did not speak. Mr. Tao paused and did not answer her directly. "I will investigate this matter clearly." He raised his hand and touched Baoer's head, "Yaya, you can rest assured that Brother Tao will help you find your family." Boa sobbed and nodded. Ye Rumeng looked at him secretly. At first glance,30ml Dropper Bottle, Mr. Tao looked like a scholar. He met him in a hurry yesterday. He only thought he was a gentle and courteous person. How could he feel that he was much more lonely when he saw him today? There was always a sense of alienation towards others. It seemed that only when he was facing Baoer, his cold look would be soft and warm. Eh. He was a person who had been to the brothel, and Ye Rumeng began to dislike him again for a moment. When he left, Uncle Fu came to report that Mr. Tao had sent a lot of things, including all kinds of cloth, jewelry, clothes, ornaments and so on. There were four big boxes. When Uncle Fu took stock, Ye Rumeng looked a little stupefied, making such a large pile, like a dowry, but like a complete set of assets of a small Jasper, as large as a complete set of clothes, Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale ,Oil Dropper Bottle, as fine as delicate earrings, all like the young lady of a family. A closer look showed that some of the cloths he had sent were slightly old-fashioned in color. They were not suitable for Baoer to make clothes, but for her mother. There were also all kinds of new and interesting gadgets, some of which she had never seen before. "Sir," said Uncle Fu, holding several long brocade boxes in his hand, "there seem to be some calligraphy and paintings in them, and there are some poetry collections here." Ye Changfeng opened it and saw that there were framed calligraphy and paintings inside. As soon as the calligraphy and paintings were spread out, he frowned. These were all authentic works. Looking at those poetry collections, it turned out to be the only one. Ye Rumeng naturally didn't know that these calligraphy and paintings were hard to buy. He only knew that Mr. Tao was in her father's favor. He came over and said mysteriously, "Dad, this Mr. Tao is very good at buying people's hearts. Who is he?" Ye Changfeng shook his head. "Those who live in Wuyi Lane must not be ordinary people." "Wuyi Lane?" Ye Rumeng was taken aback. Those who lived in Wuyi Lane were not ordinary dignitaries. But he was dressed in a low-key and simple way, and he didn't look like a man with an official position. Baoer, who on earth is this Mr. Tao? Ye Rumeng asked. Boa shook her head. "I don't know. Brother Tao's family seems to run a business." She looked at the beautiful clothes and jewelry in front of her, but she was not happy at all. Brother Tao gave her so many things, where can she afford it, and. She is the child that she picked up. She is the child that her biological parents did not want. Ye Changfeng thoughtfully, could it be the Tao family? The Tao family is not short of silver. What's his name? Ye Rumeng asked curiously. Intoxicated. "Boa answered honestly, still a little unhappy.". Ye Changfeng kept it in mind and did not speak. Boa, "Ye Rumeng took her hand," I tell you, oh, you don't want to be cheated by these things, maybe he wants to cheat you to go to his house? If you like it, I can buy it for you, but if he wants to cheat you, you can't be fooled. Boa shook his head. "Brother Tao won't lie to me. He's a good man." "Did he tell you today where your parents picked you up?" Boa hung her head and was silent for a moment before nodding. Then tell me quickly! Boa looked up at her and hesitated to speak, as if she had no courage to speak. When Ye Changfeng saw this, he opened his mouth and said, "Baoer, since these things are a gift from Mr. Tao, you can dispose of them yourself.". Mr. Tao just now, I don't know whether to get married or not. I'm afraid the family is a little complicated. Before you find your biological parents, I suggest you live here first. If you want to let him go, we won't stop you. Baoer's father has been raising Baoer cheaply and has never registered her, so Baoer is still a black household. After coming to their home, they have never gone to the Yamen to give her a slave status. No, sir, "Boa looked at him with tears in her eyes." Boa is already a young lady. Boa won't leave here. " Ye Changfeng hesitated for a moment, "pay more attention to everything.". I'll ask someone to find out about your life experience. I have something to do and I have to go out first. Ye Changfeng finished and went out with Uncle Fu, leaving Ye Rumeng and Baoer behind. Boa? Ye Rumeng asked tentatively. Boa lowered her head and wiped her tears. "Sister Meng, I'll tell you a secret. Don't tell anyone, OK?" Ye Rumeng paused and nodded, as if she vaguely knew what Boa was going to tell her. Boa took a breath,oil dropper bottle, as if plucking up her courage, pulled her into the corner, bent down and took off her shoes and socks on her right foot.

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