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Gifted Learning System _ 20200215155741

Among the many excellent players of the two teams on the court, Chen Yang's performance was particularly outstanding. In only 20 minutes, he scored a goal and made threats many times. He also did a good job in cooperating with his teammates and played very well in attack and defense. Chen Yang has a wide range of activities on the court. He often runs from the back court to the front court and participates in almost every attack and defense conversion. This is also a tactic specially designed by coach Wu of Wu University for Chen Yang's characteristics. This inspiration comes from the "free man" tactics of the Bundesliga. Chen Yang's role on the court is not a "free man"? Although the score was one goal behind, the players of Peking University were not discouraged and were still actively looking for opportunities to equalize the score. In fact, from the overall strength point of view, the two teams are not much different, so it is reasonable to say that the scene should be equally divided, but because of the variable of Chen Yang, the Wuhan University team can have more advantages in the scene, because these players of Peking University on the field have no way to stop Chen Yang. Before the halftime break, Chen Yang received a pass from his teammate, made a slight adjustment and then volleyed vigorously with one foot, again penetrating the goal guarded by the goalkeeper of Peking University, rewriting the score to 2-0. Chen Yang actually played very easily, probably because the pressure is not enough, Chen Yang felt that he did not have a special desire to play. Although Milu watched off the court, Chen Yang was not excited, but also afraid that he played too well,cosmetic packaging wholesale, so that the rival Peking University team would be very injured, Chen Yang did not want to "persecute" his compatriots through such a stage. At halftime, coach Wu explained the main tactics of the second half. As the Wuhan University team was already leading by 2:0 in the score, with the intensity of the college league, it should not be a big problem for them to win the game if there is no accident. So coach Wu arranged the tactics of defensive counterattack for Wuhan University, which made the young men with excessive energy. Some people still suggested to the coach to continue to attack, and Chen Yang also meant the same thing. Originally,Amber Dropper Bottles, this kind of behavior was already a challenge to coach Wu's authority, but since Chen Yang also wanted to continue to attack, coach Wu had to consider it carefully, but in the end, the conservative thinking of the Chinese people affected coach Wu, so he still insisted on playing defensive counterattack. No way, the coach's words must be listened to, so when the Wuhan University team came on in the second half, they actually played a barrel array, and even the two forwards had withdrawn from the half, which surprised the audience off the court, and they couldn't understand what kind of plane the Wuhan University team was doing. So at the beginning of the second half, Wuhan University has been pressed by the players of Peking University, Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle ,Glass Cosmestic Containers, which makes the players of Wuhan University who want to fight back, including Chen Yang, very depressed. Attack is not necessarily the best defense, but it is impossible to defend all the time without loopholes. Therefore, in a short period of 20 minutes, the Peking University team pulled two goals in a row, leveling the score to 2-2, so that the two teams returned to the same starting line. This can make coach Wu anxious off the court. When he was pulled into a goal before, he felt that it was going to be a bad thing. Sure enough, in just a few minutes, Peking University scored another goal, and the advantage of leading by two goals suddenly disappeared. So when Peking University celebrated the equalizing goal, coach Wu, who had been calm, was no longer elegant and immediately got up from his seat and made an offensive gesture to the players on the field. The players of Wuhan University have been holding back for a long time. Taking advantage of the gap of kick-off, the players in the front court gathered together and decided on a simple strategy of counter-attack. In fact, it was really simple. If there was a chance, they would pass the ball to Chen Yang and let Chen Yang create opportunities. Chen Yang felt quite uncomfortable with the arrogant performance of the Peking University team members after scoring, because the boy who scored just now looked at Chen Yang's eyes, tut, how to say, let Chen Yang have a kind of impulse to beat him up. Fortunately, Chen Yang has recently increased greatly because of his martial arts cultivation, and his tolerance is also much greater. At this time, he will naturally continue to be a civilized youth. Now that the tactics are no longer defensive, let these opponents bear Chen Yang's anger. Chen Yang, who was on fire, naturally left his opponents at their wits' end. Even if he was double-teamed by many people, it was completely useless. Chen Yang had already played these opponents miserably with a little effort before. Now he broke out with all his strength. Alas, the word "abuse" can only be a moment of silence for these players of Peking University. It took more than ten minutes for the Peking University players to equalize the score, so in the next nearly 30 minutes, Chen Yang gave these Peking University players a very profound lesson. Apart from a free kick, Chen Yang scored the same three goals. He used his super ability to shake the opponent's defenders away and then scored. One of the goals was to bring the ball directly into the empty goal by six people, which duplicated Maradona's classic goal again. The fans off the court were almost crazy. Even Mr. Milu, the always elegant coach of the national team, rushed out of the VIP box to celebrate Chen Yang's goal with other fans. Chen Yang has conquered all the spectators off the court with practical actions. In less than 30 minutes of the second half, Chen Yang scored four goals to complete the big four. With two goals in the first half, Chen Yang scored six goals in the game, which became the biggest legend since the founding of the University League. In the last few minutes, Chen Yang did not intend to continue to rub salt on his opponent's wounds, and the 6-2 score was maintained until the end. The side supporting Wuhan University was certainly elated, but several Peking University players on the court actually burst into tears. They went through untold hardships to win the championship of the North District. Unexpectedly,glass cream jars, they were abused as rookies in the finals. Especially Chen Yang's performance in the second half like a hell messenger made these players cry no longer. These crying people are basically senior students, do not say that they are fragile, because it is really "hurt" to be directly knocked off the cliff when they are so close to success.

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