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Rouge box

"It's the same as Niang's phoenix box, but your sister Ling's treasure box is a dragon and Niang's treasure box is a phoenix." Hao Lizhu could not help but be surprised and confused. "Really!"! Why is it so coincidental? ? By this time, "Xiangjiang Nvxia" could only say: "Niang's'Phoenix Box 'was originally the heirloom of your brother Long. When Niang was a young girl, you, Uncle Ma, gave it to me for Niang.." Hao Lizhu is an ice and snow intelligent girl, she immediately realized that Niang's girlhood must have had a beautiful love with Ma Yulong's father. She could not speak out, but looked at the "Xiangjiang Nvxia" and Wang Liling and asked: "Mother!"! Could you please ask sister Ling to Take out the Dragon Box and let Pearl have a look. When Wang Liling heard this, she immediately said happily: "Of course!" With these words, he reached into the bag of tricks and took out the red silk bag. Iron mother-in-law hurriedly took it over and put it beside the bed to help Wang Liling untie the silk bag. "Xiangjiang Nvxia" also took out the "phoenix box" in her bag of tricks and put it on the bed. As soon as the two silk bags were untied, the whole room suddenly brightened up, and under the flickering candlelight, the room was full of purple rosy clouds. Especially on the four corners of the two treasure boxes, the dragon head and phoenix head, the dragon eyes and phoenix eyes, are shining and lifelike. At first glance, it seems that the volume has doubled. As soon as Hao Lizhu saw that her mother had also taken out the "phoenix box," she could not help but be amazed and confused: "Mother!"! You put Did you bring the Phoenix Box? "Xiangjiang Nvxia" laughed and said: "These two'rouge boxes' were not the ancestral treasures of your dragon brother,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, and this time Niang brought them back to your dragon brother.." When Hao Lizhu heard this, she looked at Ma Yulong in amazement and asked with concern: "Do you really want it back?" Ma Yulong smiled, but before she opened her mouth, the iron mother-in-law had already said with a smile: "My little aunt, you are now a member of the Ma family." Ma Yulong, who was waiting to say something, looked startled and immediately became furious. He could not help looking at the iron mother-in-law and scolded angrily: "Iron Granny-" Iron mother-in-law surprised,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, not by a shiver all over, she knew Ma Yulong really angry! Because, since she went to Tingsi Bridge, Ma Yulong was not friendly to her, but until now, Ma Yulong has always respectfully called her senior, never so harsh. Xiangjiang Nvxia "a look, know iron mother-in-law is entirely for Hao Lizhu, for the happiness of his daughter, had to force himself to smile:" "Just now I talked with your sister Ling about the future of your sister Zhu. She was very considerate of my misfortune in those years and was willing to take in your sister Zhu to serve you both.." As soon as Ma Yulong heard that "she was very considerate of my misfortune in those years", he felt a sudden shock in his heart and immediately remembered his mother Shi Lanjing's intervention, which destroyed his father's good marriage in those years. Look at the "Xiangjiang Nvxia" in front of the "Rouge phoenix box", Blue Bottle Serum ,Glass Cream Jars, this is an ironclad fact, not by a burst of shame immediately hit the heart. As Wang Liling did not object, she had to say apologetically: "Auntie also knows that the marriage of Long Er and Sister Ling was entirely decided by the deceased parents. Long Er did not dare to make a decision. Since Sister Ling has promised, we will take care of Sister Zhu carefully in the future and never let her suffer any grievance.." "Xiangjiang Nvxia" was moved to tears and immediately said with a smile: "I'm relieved to have you two. Your sister Zhu is young and ignorant. I'm afraid she'll cause you trouble." When Wang Liling saw Ma Yulong, she was furious at first. Later, when she heard that she had agreed, she changed her attitude. Of course, she regretted that she should not have said to "Xiangjiang Nvxia" that "it is her good fortune to have a pearl sister". Just as she was waiting to say something, the crimson Lizhu took her hand and whispered softly: "Sister, little sister will take good care of you, listen to you, do not let you worry about angry." Wang Liling saw that both mother and daughter were so humble and self-deprecating that she was moved in her heart. Of course, she had some helplessness, so she had to say with a smile: "Our mothers are good sisters, and we should be closer and take care of each other more.." "Xiangjiang Nvxia" hurriedly said: "Your sister Zhu was originally a willful and naughty little girl. I see that after this change, she suddenly became like an adult!" When Hao Lizhu heard this, she immediately smiled and said proudly: "Pearl is an adult now!" So said, "Xiangjiang Nvxia" and Wang Liling both laughed! Iron mother-in-law mouth moved, think of Ma Yulong just scolded, in the heart a surprised to the lips of the words finally did not dare to say. Hao Lizhu suddenly asked: "Mother!"! 'rouge Treasure box 'put inside, the phoenix in the box can fly, Ling elder sister put in water, can the dragon move? "Xiangjiang Nvxia" solemnly said: "Of course it will move, and there is another magical phenomenon, that is, when the jade covers of the'dragon box 'and the'phoenix box' are lifted and put together, it will make a sound suspected of dragon roaring and phoenix singing.." When Hao Lizhu heard this, she could not help saying excitedly: "Really?"? Then let's open it and have a try. Although Ma Yulong knows this phenomenon, he has never experienced it personally. Wang Liling doesn't know this wonderful phenomenon at all. Iron mother-in-law can't wait to put the "dragon box" next to the "phoenix box" and lift the lid of the "dragon box"! As soon as the lid of the box was opened, in addition to Hao Lizhu, Ma Yulong and "Xiangjiang Nvxia", as well as Wang Liling and Iron Granny, all looked startled, blurted out, and were all stunned! Because, the jade box is empty, only a square groove, the jade dragon inside unexpectedly disappeared! "Xiangjiang Nvxia" first raised her head, looked at Ma Yulong and Wang Liling, and asked in amazement: "What about the dragon inside?" Wang Liling and the iron mother-in-law said in amazement at the same time: "The Jade Dragon was in the box?" "Xiangjiang Nvxia" immediately said with chagrin: "It must have been the witch who stole it." Wang Liling could not help saying anxiously and chagrined: "She's been killed now. Who knows where she's hiding?" Ma Yulong, who had been frowning and meditating,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, looked at Granny Tie and asked calmly, "Where did you get the treasure box?" The iron mother-in-law immediately said with chagrin: "It's the tall building in the middle of the inner house!" Ma Yulong nodded: "Well, show me!".

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