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State prosecution

Jiang Zhengliu could not listen any more and interrupted Ye Zijing: "Ye Jian, how can you understand the family situation of Zha Tiezhu so clearly?"? If it is not taboo, can you further clarify: What is the relationship between this Zha Tiezhu and you, and your family? Is there any emotional factor that affects your judgment? Ye Zijing is also magnanimous: "Zha Tiezhu has nothing to do with me, but has something to do with my family Huang Guoxiu. Zha Tiezhu has worked under the leadership of Huang Guoxiu.". Therefore, I naturally know something about the situation of Zha Tiezhu. However, this understanding has not affected my judgment, which you and your comrades should believe! Jiang Zhengliu couldn't help shouting, "Ye Jian, I can't believe it!"! Not to put too fine a point on it: On the issue of dealing with Zha Tiezhu, I have some doubts about you, the Attorney General, and it's not from today! Unexpectedly, Ye Zijing stood up and put his suspicion on the table: "Director Jiang, since you say so, then, I don't need to hide my point of view, I also doubt your Comrade!"! I suspect that you are too obedient, mistaking the fire for arson, and are going to dye your red top with the blood of the iron pillar! Jiang Zhengliu stood up, his hands trembling with anger: "Ye Zijing, please make it clear!" In front of Secretary Tian and Secretary General Wang, Ye Zijing said everything thoroughly: "Director Jiang, my suspicion of you is not groundless.". You know very well that what some of our leaders need is arson. It is impossible to prevent bad people from setting fire. The responsibility of provincial and municipal leaders is much lighter! Your judgment is biased, and you run to listen to the greeting regardless of the legal facts! Comrade Zhengliu, don't think that what you kill is only an iron pillar, which is conscience and justice, and the dignity of the law! Please don't forget that you, the police chief, have to sign the closing report! Completely torn face, Jiang Zhengliu but calm down: "So, not only me, the provincial and municipal leaders are all wrong?"? Are you going to dye your red top with the blood of Cha Tiezhu? Comrade Ye Zijing, can I understand that? Ye Zijing was not stupid either. She only stared at him in hot pursuit: "Comrade Jiang Zhengliu, it is not the provincial and municipal leaders who are wrong, but us. Please pay attention to my words: we.". We were wrong. The original arson judgment was made by us together, and I was one of the mistakes. But after we discovered this qualitative error, we corrected it, and what about you, Comrade Jiang Zhengliu? Not only do they not correct it, but they continue to mislead the leading comrades of provinces and municipalities. Are you competent as the director of public security? Jiang Zhengliu really didn't want to get entangled with this crazy woman. He slapped the table and shouted, "Since I, the director of the Public Security Bureau, am so incompetent, please suggest to the Municipal Party Committee that I be replaced!" As soon as the conversation changed, I was forced to lay out an ironclad fact. "However, Drive in racking system , before I was dismissed by the municipal party committee, there was one situation I had to say: Zha Tiezhu, an arson criminal, once saved the life of Ye Zijing's husband Huang Guoxiu in a coal mine flooding accident. Comrade Ye Zijing was suspected of favoring criminals and replacing the law with emotion. She, the chief procurator, was no longer suitable to handle this arson case!" Secretary Tian and Secretary General Wang were all stunned, and the matter came to this step, completely beyond their expectations. After a long time, Secretary Tian said, "Don't be so excited. What's the problem if we go on quarreling like this?"? Don't say anything that hurts your feelings. Personally, I think you are all public-minded, and you are still fighting for business! Do you think it's like this: whether it's a fire or an arson? We won't make a conclusion today. On the question of determining the nature, you two will study it carefully after you go back. The Public Security Bureau will study it here, and the procuratorate will also discuss it carefully to see if other comrades have any different opinions? Report to the Municipal Committee and our Municipal Law Committee as soon as possible. Secretary Wang was not as fair as Secretary Tian. He was obviously not satisfied with Ye Zijing. He took a cold look at Ye Zijing and took the lead in tidying up the materials on the table: "Well, that's it. I'll have a meeting right away!" Jiang Zhengliu also promptly put the bag on the table under his armpit: "Secretary Tian, then I'll go back too!" Ye Zijing apologized again: "I'm sorry, Director Jiang. I'm a little excited today. Maybe my words are too serious!" Jiang Zhengliu didn't even look back. "I'm not sorry," he said coldly. Ye Jian, take care of yourself! Twenty-eight Now there is nothing to keep secret, the city's report will end here, and all kinds of statements will come out there. All the arguments are not good for Ye Zijing. Some said that Ye Zijing and the procuratorate were bold and openly opposed to the municipal party committee, and wanted to turn the arson into a fire, so that the leaders could not get off the stage; some said that it was not the leaders who could not get off the stage, but Ye Zijing, who was scolded by Wang Changgong and Lin Yongqiang in turn, and others said that Ye Zijing was criticized in disguise and punished by the leaders; The most serious argument is that the attorney general of Changshan is going to be replaced. That evening, Chen Bo, deputy chief procurator, met Jiang Zhengliu at a buffet to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding of the police Academy and asked him quietly. Asked to know, the legendary situation is still very close, Ye Zijing really from Wang Changgong to Lin Yongqiang these provincial and municipal leaders all offended, has caused a bottom-up official indignation. Because he was an old classmate of the police Academy, Jiang Zhengliu did not conceal it, revealing that the provincial and municipal leaders had a very bad impression of Ye Zijing, and it was estimated that she, the chief procurator, could not go on. This is a very natural thing. If the impression of the leaders is bad, you will not be an official for a long time. Who doesn't know the importance of leadership impression? Who doesn't know that the leader's view is greater than this law and that law? Leadership is the organization. Whether it is the provincial party committee or the municipal party committee, it is composed of specific leaders. If the leaders have a bad impression of you, it means that the organization has a bad impression of you, and the organization will take measures against you. Justice and conscience, it is in this case, Chen Bo still has no idea of non-points, but also did not think of taking Ye Zijing instead. Carrying a dinner plate and drinks, talking with Jiang Zhengliu, Chen Bo also said a lot of good words for Ye Zijing, saying that Ye Zijing was fair and decent, and asked Jiang Zhengliu not to rely on the power of leadership to bully other women comrades. But Jiang Zhengliu poked him and whispered, "Hey, hey, I said, old classmate, you have a chance!"

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