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Bewitching in Miaojiang _ Nanwu Kasaya Science Buddha

As soon as the words were finished, an iron-headed javelin flew up and shot at us accurately, like a meteor, in a flash. I looked back, and the javelin passed me and shot at Will. Will unhurriedly pushed Edward forward on his back, and the hard corpse made a tooth-souring sound in close contact with the javelin, which eventually shot into Edward's body. Will stepped back a few steps, and he was so angry that he cursed ****. Isn't this guy's strength and aim terrible? I saw the approximate number of people coming, took a deep breath, and with the help of the cover of the forest, I ran back to the dense forest behind us. Will was so self-conscious that he used the dead Edward as a shield, and within minutes the poor Baron Edward had three flying spears in his body. We were running through the dense jungle, and the guy who threw the javelin was as precise and powerful as if he had used laser guidance. Chasing and fleeing, we ran wildly in the forest for almost three or four minutes, and finally arrived at the No.2 reserve position. The rush heated the breath in my chest to the extreme, and every breath I exhaled was boiling hot. When I rolled behind a huge rock, I lay on the ground and felt the heart in my chest, almost all of which showed signs of jumping out. Ear to the ground, I heard the sound of steady and powerful footsteps, six or seven, seemed to be touching this way quickly. I closed my eyes and went to communicate with the fat worm who had been busy all day. I didn't know whether the quality of the younger brother gathered by this guy was good or not. Could he help me turn over all these pursuers. As a result, when I reached the vision of the fat insects, the dense crawling reptiles in the darkness made me feel a chill. Through the transmission of consciousness,Pallet rack supplier, I know that there are mice, magic eye butterflies, lizards, scorpions, centipedes, poisonous bees, silverfish, blue snakes,Cantilever Storage rack, white snakes, bamboo leaf green, wind snakes, kraits, centipedes, toads, black-headed ants, mountain leeches, big ring earthworms.. There are also a lot of white fat maggots, all the poisonous insects, snakes and ants that can be named and can not be named, all gathered under the command of fat insects, all over this small radius of half a mile. Those are suffused with colorful, greasy wriggling little things, let me take a look, the stomach is a churning, Steel racking system ,radio shuttle racking, uncomfortable tight. Will threw Edward, who had turned into a hedgehog, on the ground and whispered in my ear, "Well, Lu, are you sure you can stop them here?"? The master of throwing the javelin is simply a guided missile. But why didn't they use firearms? Is it to control the movement and prevent the information from leaking out? Does that not mean that the army to rescue you will also come? The pursuer was following us closely, and I thought he was right in front of me. I ignored his words and poked my head out carefully to observe. In my line of sight, seven or eight people ran out of the dark woods in the distance. Running at the head was a man with a tiger's back and a bear's waist, with his arms over his knees. He looked like a gibbon. Behind him was a young man in blue clothes, who was responsible for delivering javelins. Next to him were several brothers in blue clothes with ghost faces, and two black witches with white and grey on their faces. Look at this posture, the strength of this pursuer is strong, and Will and I should not be able to fight head-on. However, at this moment, the leading man suddenly lost his feet and disappeared into the flat ground. My heart a burst of excitement, the first to fall into the pit, turned out to be the biggest threat to our guy, really is God help me also. As soon as the man fell, several people came over and pulled him out of the pit. Then, in my cold laughter, there was a loud scream. They actually pulled out a big black human-shaped object. ww xiashuo txt.comt? Xt _ Xiao _ Shuo Tian \ Tang Chapter 506 Golden Silkworm Bewitching, Bewitching, Bewitching Fighting The javelin man fell into the pit for only three or five seconds. However, in this short period of three or five seconds, the accumulated army of insects has already made full use of this opportunity. Because of the conflict between poisonous insects and poisonous insects themselves, the commander of the fat insects arranged them according to their species. At the moment, except for a few black-backed wolf-spotted red centipedes crawling around his face, most of them were mountain rats as big as fists. These mice are not strong, but they are smooth and their teeth are as sharp as knives. They have been waiting for a long time. They attach themselves to the javelin man and bite crazily. The moment they are pulled out, they are like a bunch of black grapes. The density and squeaking make people's scalp tingle. They can't help shouting loudly to relieve their inner fear. In fact, all the people at the mouth of the trap had screamed loudly, and their voices were distorted, like girls who had been touched on the bus. In the whole forest, the tragic voice stopped in people's hearts, especially in a panic. The dreaded javelin master, at the moment he has fallen into deep fear, countless mountain rats attached to his body, sharp claws grasping his skin, gnawing his flesh vigorously, no matter how the people next to him beat, never let go; The black-backed wolf-spotted red centipedes covered his face, and hundreds of pairs of short limbs swam, leaving traces of yellow mucus, one of which even struggled to climb in through his open mouth as he howled. Of course it didn't work. The javelin master bit the brave black-backed wolf-spotted red centipede to death, splashing the juice, and the remaining half of his body slipped down to his neck, still struggling to twist his body. The javelin master rolled hard on the ground. He did not dare to open his mouth and howl again, but the dull roar made him tremble more and more. Next to the people are not good, when they help to beat ineffective, only to find that they have been surrounded by many poisonous insects and long snakes,Pallet rack beams, countless poisons like the tide of crazy up, immediately startled a big jump, have retreated.

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