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Post Info TOPIC: Play the game well. Chassis water cooling power supply selection is very important to meet all your installation needs.


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Play the game well. Chassis water cooling power supply selection is very important to meet all your installation needs.

Original Title: Play Games Well Chassis Water Cooling Power Supply Selection Is Important to Meet All Your Installation Needs D40 Chassis Unexpectedly: Originally, I just wanted to buy a computer to learn programming and improve myself, but now it has become my son's game machine. The most obvious change to my original itx console was that it was so hot that it was unbearable to put your hand on the top of the chassis for a few seconds. So much so that I had to remove the panel of the chassis and add an extra fan to cool it down while my son was playing games. Although the temperature has dropped, the desktop beauty has dropped directly from 99.9 to 0. So recently I'm going to change the computer to a cool mecha chassis and water cooling. To satisfy my desktop beauty and game cooling effect. Recently, there are plans to install and purchase chassis and water cooling, which can be used as a reference. Configuration list: Operating System Windows 11 64-bit (Version 21H2/DirectX 12) Processor Intel Core i5-10400F @ 2.90GHz Six-Core Motherboard Rainbow CVN H510I GAMING (Intel PCI Standard Host CPU Bridge) Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (6GB/MSI) Memory 32GB (Cool Beast DDR4 3000MHz 16GB X 2) Primary HDD KIO XIA-EXCERIA PLUS SSD (1TB/SSD) Display LHCFFFF 40C1R (40) Sound Card Intel High Definition Audio Controller NIC Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 160MHz Chassis Overclocking Three Hummingbird I100 Expand the full text Power Supply Overclocking Tri-Vanadium Star FX500 Half Module SFX Power Supply CPU Cooling Dragon V53W This update Chassis: JONSBO D40 chassis Water cooling: JONSBO TF240 integrated water cooling radiator Power supply: Antec The main purpose of this upgrade is to solve the problem of chassis cooling, so other hardware will not be explained too much. Josper D30 Chassis: Knowing the brand of Josper for about 4 or 5 years, I have been deeply impressed by its U1-plus and other ITX chassis. Such a small size can also fix the aluminum material, side glass power supply and good air outlet design, so I have always thought that I must use Josper's chassis to install once. This update first thought of it, after comparison, chose the D40, which supports MATX, ATX motherboard and 240 water-cooled chassis. There is nothing to introduce about the outer packaging. The packaging is wrapped very tightly. The inner carton and the chassis are inlaid with molded foam. The Josper D40 has three dimensions of 204mm wide, 401mm deep and 398mm, making it a small chassis in ATX and a large chassis in ITX. Put under the table to save more space, at the same time it can also be placed on the desktop, simple style with internal light and shadow flow, it is more like a desktop decoration. Both sides of the D40 chassis use a thick piece of tempered glass with a thickness of 3mm. The internal structure can be seen on the PC accessories surface. The internal visualization brings more DIY light effect space for players. The front and rear panels of Josper D40 chassis are made of aluminum alloy by one-time stamping. The edges are polished and chamfered. It feels very silky, without excessive burrs and cutting feel. The front panel is silver, the middle frame is black and the see-through glass is added. The whole chassis is full of face value. The key I/o interface of the chassis is located in the lower right corner of the front panel, which is the power button, USB3.2 interface, audio interface, and Type-C data transmission interface. Because the TYPE-C interface and the USB3.2 interface share the USBgen 1 interface on the motherboard, the transmission speed can only reach 5Gbps, which is a little regrettable. The back panel of the D40 has a power interface, ventilation holes, and seven expandable pcie slots in turn. Take the ITX motherboard I am currently using as an example. The graphics card is 1066, which occupies two pcie slots. There is still a very large space at the bottom. If you use an ATX motherboard, you can expand more hardware configurations. There is a 12 cm fan position in the middle of the chassis, which can be used to exhaust the heat inside the chassis. The top of the D40 chassis uses a large area of cooling mesh, and the top is followed by 240 water-cooled row fixing positions and power supply fixing positions. The D40 can be equipped with six 12CM fans at the same time, which can form a vertical air duct through the upper and lower fans to maximize the heat in the chassis. Use GIFs at the top D40 supports ATX, M-ATX, ITX and other sizes of motherboards. Personally, if you have ATX in your hand or are ready to use the D40 machine box. The full-size ATX (30.5cm 24.5cm) is an excellent configuration, because compared with ITX and MATX motherboards, it can provide more PCIE expansion slots to facilitate later upgrades and updates, and just fill up the interior of the chassis. If an itx motherboard like mine is used, the emptiness is too obvious, and there is too little updating in the later period. The D40 also supports the installation of 305 ~ 355 mainstream graphics cards on the market. In the last installation, I removed the TYPE-C interface of the small chassis before I reluctantly installed my graphics card. On the D40, there is no need to worry about this. The graphics card on the market can be easily bought even if it is 3 slots thick. Whether it is game use or data storage, with the popularity of storage prices, people's demand for hard disks is also growing. The D40 chassis can mount a combination of three 2.5 + one 3.5 and four 2.5 hard disks. Game disks, office data disks, audio and video disks meet the storage needs of most people. JONSBO TF240 integrated water-cooled radiator As a fluid industry practitioner, from his own point of view, he has always believed that the energy efficiency of water, the medium of energy exchange, is higher than that of wind, so since he intends to take into account the game console, it is also important to upgrade water cooling. With the use of D40, I chose the TF240 integrated water-cooled radiator, which is also launched by Josper. As Josper's star water-cooled radiator, titanium tubing price , it not only has a high face value, exclusive high-flow pump-tube integrated technology, and 0.1MM micro-channel design, but also has two 120 A RGB PWM fans with gravity suspension, which makes it full of science and technology. Opening the packaging box, the water-cooled accessories are wrapped in renewable kraft pulp boxes, which have good hardness and ensure that they are not bumped during transportation. Complimentary instruction booklet and important information guide. The color of water cooling is black, which is also a good match for daily installation. The TF240 all-in-one water-cooled heatsink has a full range of water-cooled accessories, including fan cables and mounting clips, and supports Intel's LGA1700, 1200, 115X and LGA20XX platforms, as well as AMD's AM4, Strx4 and AM5 platforms. A user-friendly 4ping line is attached to facilitate the connection of the cooling fan. The cooling fan of TF240 integrated water-cooled radiator uses white fan blades, black outer frame, 12 ARGB lamp beads inside, and the fan blades have A RGB effect after being powered on. Hydraulic bearing, fan speed can be automatically adjusted from 700 to 1800 rpm, and the air flow is 32.47 to 83.04 CFM. The overall look is still very good. Metal cooling fins are used on the back of the cold row of the TF240 integrated water-cooled radiator. There are 12 high-density water channels inside. The heat exchange area is upgraded to 20mm. The heat exchange efficiency is obviously improved, which provides enough cooling space for water cooling. The appearance of the water-cooled head of the TF240 integrated water-cooled radiator adopts high-gloss trimming + CD pattern wiredrawing process, aluminum alloy material, and the top adopts aluminum alloy gravity hovering design. The water-cooled head can be installed in any direction. After the installation of the water-cooled head, the Logo of the rotating cover plate can always be positive. At the bottom of the water-cooled head of the TF240 integrated water-cooled radiator, the base is made of thickened red copper, the metal surface is finely processed, and the micro-channel is newly upgraded to 0.1mm gap high density. Fits the CPU better. The large area of copper body coverage can better adapt to the size of the 12th generation CPU. The connecting line of TF240 integrated water-cooled radiator is mainly composed of water-cooled exhaust fan line, water pump head line, water-cooled head lamp effect SATA line and water-cooled exhaust fan equivalent control line. The power supply of the cooling fan can be easily completed with the attached 4pin cable of 1 minute and 2 minutes, and the 5VA-RGB light effect controller of the light effect control can be realized in series. Finally, after connecting to the motherboard interface, the effect can be set by software. The bottom of the D40 chassis also uses a raised foot pad. The bottom of the chassis is covered with a filter screen. The internal fan can make the wind flow up and down quickly to reduce the internal temperature. Antec power supply Read a lot of evaluation of the Antec power supply evaluation is good, this update also incidentally chose this Antec GSK650 W. From the box, we can see that this power supply uses 120mm silent fan, 80 PLUS gold certification, and its maximum conversion efficiency can reach 91%. The flat wire design is more beautiful, and the wide voltage design of 100 ~ 240 V can ensure the safe operation of the host. Opening the package, the main body of the power supply adopts a black matte design, and there is an Antec GSK650W model and brand power representation on the shell. The Antec GSK650 W power supply uses a 12 cm silent fan to provide cooling, and with the low pressure fan speed regulation function, it has better silent performance. An on-off key is designed at the input end of the power supply, which is convenient to turn off when the power supply is not used for a long time to achieve better energy-saving effect. The interface list of Antec GSK650W power supply is: Motherboard interface 20 + 4Pin 1 CPU interface 4 + 4 Pin 1 Video card interface 6 + 2 Pin 2 Hard disk interface SATA 6 Power supply interface Large 4 Pin 3 The internal materials of Antec GSK650W power supply are very solid. The main capacitor of the power supply adopts the 330 microfarad capacitor of Taiwan Zhibao Electronics, and the secondary EMI circuit is also available. The LLC + DC scheme provides a stable and powerful load capacity. SMD components are used inside the power supply to reduce the temperature, and the main transformer is made of high-current integrated copper sheet and UVP plug for surge protection, which can effectively enhance the service life of the power supply and enhance the heat dissipation. The D40 chassis uses a standard ATX top mount power supply design, and the Antec GSK650 W power supply keeps it off the ground and reduces dust ingestion. As a good-looking D40 chassis, the back wiring is also essential. The back wiring position is reserved on the top and side of the Josper D40 chassis. The fan, cold row cable, I/O interface cable and the redundant power line after installation can be hidden behind the backplane to improve the beauty of installation. Installation and lighting display: Test link Recently, my son's favorite games are Monster Hunter and Horizon 5, so we chose Horizon 5 to test the cooling effect. During the test, the indoor temperature is 30 degrees. After 30 minutes of game time, check the temperature of each component inside Master Lu's chassis. It can be seen that the CPU temperature is basically maintained at about 40 degrees, which is far lower than the temperature of the graphics card and memory module. It can be seen that the TF240 integrated water-cooled radiator has excellent cooling effect. By using occt power supply test software to test the power of Antec GSK650W power supply, it can be seen that the power supply can output safely, effectively and stably when playing games. Evaluation summary: The upgraded Josper D40 chassis, TF240 integrated water-cooled radiator and Antec GSK650W are mainly upgraded and updated with game entertainment as the main starting point. Compared with other types of chassis, D40 takes into account both appearance and function. At the same time, the panel made of aluminum alloy is lighter in weight. TF240 integrated water-cooled radiator is not only limited to the integrated technology of pump and pipe and the design of 0.1MM micro-channel, but also has sufficient hard work. Antec GSK650W is the guarantee for the normal operation of all equipment. 650W plus 91% conversion rate also reserves enough space for the later addition of hardware. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor: (function() { function getBrandHtml() { var brands = [],titanium plate gr7, html = ''; for(var i = 0; i < brands.length; i++) { var brand = brands; if(brands.length i+1) { html+= ''''; } else { html+= ''''; } } return html; }; if(document.getElementById('linkBtn')){ document.getElementById('linkBtn').onclick = function() { $('#brands').removeClass('brand');$ ( '# tipInfo').text ( 'Real name responded'); $ ('#linkBtn').remove();$ ('.real-response .content').css('line-height', '20px');$ ('.real-response .time').css('line-height', '20px'); }; document.getElementById('brands').innerHTML = getBrandHtml(); }; })();

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