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How to choose the right bra _ Measurements

Originally published as How to choose the right bra How to choose a correct bra is a distressing problem for women. If the bra is not suitable, it will not provide effective support, but will cause breast discomfort. So today, we will explain in detail how to choose the right bra. Choose a bra based on what you will be wearing: for example, a sports bra for sports, a T-shirt bra for casual wear. Zhou Xiaochun, Breast Department of Lianyungang Maternal and Child Health Hospital Choose the right bra Step 1 Put on a comfortable, fitted, unlined bra. It should be comfortable, but not too tight into the skin. The nipple should be halfway between the height of your elbow and shoulder joints. If they are lower, lift the straps. Step 2 Find the right girth, stand in front of the mirror, and use a soft ruler to measure the girth at the level of the ribs below your chest. This is also where your bra wraps around your torso. Tighten the soft ruler. Write down the measured value. Use a mirror to make sure the soft ruler is perfectly parallel to the floor. If the soft ruler is not in a horizontal straight line around the body, but is measured at a certain angle,tailor measure tape, an accurate measurement cannot be obtained. Expand the full text Don't pull it too tight like you would with a corset, just make sure it's tight to your body. If your measurement is a fraction (such as 85.9 cm), round to the nearest whole number (86 cm). Bottom measurements are measured in multiples of 5, so if your measurements are not in multiples of 5, you can try one to two sizes (if you measure 86 cm, try 85 and 90 bras). Step 3 Find your bust size. Wrap the tape measure from your back to the front and measure the breasts in the largest dimension,printed tape measure, usually nipple level. Make a note of this measurement. Because cup size can change due to your menstrual cycle and abdominal breathing, try to measure it on a day when your breasts feel relatively normal. If you're concerned that your stance isn't standard, try bending your hips forward to a 90-degree angle, or until your body forms an L shape. Then measure your chest. Don't pull the measuring tape too tight like you would with a corset, just make sure it's tight to your body. As with base measurements, if your measurement is a fraction, round to the nearest whole number. Once again, make sure the soft ruler is at the level of the nipple and across your back parallel to the floor. And should not be tilted. All women have inconsistent breast sizes on both sides, so make sure you measure for the fuller breasts. Step 4 Subtract the size of your bottom from the size of your bust. The difference between these two numbers is the key to finding the cup size. Each company's cup size may be different. There should be a corresponding chart on the company's website, and you can refer to the chart to determine your cup size. The correct bra size for you can be found by combining your lower bust measurement. So, bra tape measure ,mini tape measure, 85C means you have an 85cm bottom and a C cup. Step 5 Keep in mind that the same cup size may be different when the bottom is different. For example, 85B cups are smaller than 90B cups. When trying a bra, if you change the size, you also want to try to change the cup size. If you need a larger bottom size, please reduce the cup size appropriately. So, if the 85B is too small for the bust, you will want the 90a. If you need a smaller bottom, go up one cup. Replace 90a with 85B. Underbust is more important than cup size. Moving the bottom up or down is the standard that needs to be replaced. Get a comfortable bottom first, and then adjust the cup. Step 6 Get help from a professional if you need it. If you're not sure you're doing it right or don't like measuring yourself, go into any bra or lingerie store and ask the salesperson for help. Helping clients find the best bras is part of their job and they know what to do. Ensure good adaptability Step 1 A bra is buckled at the waist, If you have trouble fastening the bra from the back, you can fasten the bra from the front and then turn it to the back, with the buckle in your spine. Step 2 Push forward and pull up the bra from the front. Put your arms through the straps. The cup may feel a little big at this time, but that's okay. As long as the bottom is comfortable. Step 3 Forward, reach into the bra with the opposite hand and pull the soft flesh near the underarm into the cup. Pull all the soft meat forward and up. Then grab the center of the two cups of the bra and shake it. Step 4 Check the fit and tighten the straps. The straps should not be too tight, they will sink into your shoulders, but there is no slack. Does the edge of the bra hold down your breasts or make you look like you have four breasts? If it is, then it's the wrong size. Your nipple level should be halfway between your shoulder and your elbow. If your breasts are spilling out of the sides of the bra, you need to change the size. Step 5 Your bra size is not permanent and will change as your body changes. Just because you're 80C now doesn't mean you'll always be 80C. If you experience a change in body shape or the bra does not feel the right size, repeat the measurement. For example, your weight fluctuates more than 10 kilograms, you have a baby, you start exercising or you use hormone therapy. Choose the right bra type Step 1 Know your breasts. The size and shape of your breasts may affect bra size and even dressing style. Breasts and bodies come in different shapes and sizes. You should aim to find the most suitable bra, not to become a lingerie model. Step 2 Consider the function of the bra you are buying. Is this an everyday bra in a T-shirt? Do you wear a lot of high-waisted shirts or are you going to wear backless skirts? Maybe you can only buy a bra that meets versatility? There are many possibilities to fit. A seamless bra can also be an everyday bra that can be worn under a T-shirt or under other shapes of clothing because it is almost invisible inside. Step 3 Choose a bra for exercise. If your breasts rock back and forth during a workout, the ligaments that support them will slowly relax, which can cause pain and even eventually prevent you from continuing to exercise. Consider the strength of your sports bra when choosing one. Sports bras that don't wrap well are good for yoga or hiking. Sports bras with strong wrapping are suitable for activities such as running. Frequently asked questions Step 1 Check that the cups are smooth and the edges are flat but not sharp. If the cups are wrinkled or look sharp, you may not be able to fill the cups and need to change to a smaller size. If your breasts spill out of the cup or feel pinched, change to a larger size. Step 2 Make sure the bottom is comfortable and as level as possible at the back. It can even be parallel to the floor, but the angle should not be too small. If it is too small, the bra does not provide enough support. Replace with a smaller bottom or fasten the back buckle. Step 3 Make sure the straps stay in place, but don't sink into your shoulders. Your shoulder straps should not provide most of the support. If you rely on the straps to keep your breasts lifted, you may need a smaller bottom measurement. Step 4 Check to see if the underwire sinks into the chest or the skin. If this is the case, try a larger size or consider a bra without underwire. Many women choose underwire bras, but the right soft bra can provide the same support. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with. Step 5 Make sure that the bottom is not too tight Put a finger under the bottom and try to slide it. If the finger can't slide,seamstress measuring tape, the bra is too tight and needs to be replaced with a larger size. Your ribs expand outward when you're sitting, so if your bra makes you uncomfortable when you're sitting down, you need to change to a larger size. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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