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Post Info TOPIC: Not only Victoria's Secret, but also 18 international underwear brands around the world, with analysis of underwear mark


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Not only Victoria's Secret, but also 18 international underwear brands around the world, with analysis of underwear mark

Original title: Not only Victoria's Secret, but also 18 international underwear brands around the world, with analysis of underwear market prospects The editor said that when it comes to underwear brands, you may immediately think of the world-renowned American brand Victoria's Victoria's secret, but if you look around the world, there are many well-known underwear brands, if you are a fashion underwear buyer, these are all things you need to master. Today we have compiled a list of the world's well-known underwear. Before that, let's take a look at the key data of the global underwear market. Underwear market status By 2016, the global underwear market has reached about 30 billion US dollars. Among them, corsets accounted for more than 50%, underwear accounted for about 33%, and tights accounted for more than 10%. Factors such as style, fashion and comfort are the main drivers of this industry. The sleepwear and knitted underwear market will exceed $70 billion in 2016. Sales of such products are the most eye-catching in the European Union, followed by the United States and the Asia-Pacific region. According to the data of China Textile Industry Association, there are more than 10000 manufacturers in the underwear market in mainland China, and more than 3000 domestic underwear brands. However, the market concentration of the underwear industry needs to be improved. The main sales channels of underwear include brand stores, department stores, shopping centers and electronic platforms. The domestic underwear industry has formed two growth modes: one is taking the brand as the core, mainly selling in department stores and shopping centers; the other is taking the scale as the center, taking the growth route of cheap street franchise stores. The future trend of underwear market According to the analysis of McKinsey China Consumer Research Report 2016, the confidence of Chinese consumers is strong, and the consumer goods of Chinese consumers are changing from products to services, from mass to high-end products; Chinese consumers will show the trend of increasing brand loyalty, pursuing healthy life and focusing on family. The per capita expenditure of Chinese consumers on underwear is much lower than that of the United States, Britain and Japan. With the improvement of the quality of life, the frequency and quality of underwear purchases will increase and improve. Based on China's huge consumer population, China's underwear has a broad space for growth. Global lingerie giants: Calvin Klein, LaSenza, DKNY, Princess Tam Tam, Enamor, Embry Form, Jockey, Victoria's Secret,custom tape measure, Maniform, Wacoal Holdings, La Perla, Armani,Wolford, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Etam, Chantelle, Triumph, AB Underwear Lovable As well as China's Embry Fang, love and so on. List of Global Underwear Brands (in no particular order) 1.Adore Me Headquartered in New York, Adore Me is a vertically integrated e-commerce company that is very similar to Victoria's Secret in many ways,custom tailor tape, such as black and shiny fonts, bikini shoots on the beach and hot models, but the difference is that its price is unexpectedly cheap. Expand the full text 2.Palmers Lingerie Palmers was founded in the early 20th century and has grown to 400 stores across Europe. Palmers is not the top luxury brand in the underwear industry. The brand mainly promotes comfort and practical wear. It's really a practicalist. The design is very simple and generous. Britain's Kate Middleton is a big fan of the brand. 3.CHANTAL THOMASS CHANTAL THOMASS, a French brand, was founded in 1975. CHANTAL THOMASS, a designer named after himself, has been recognized by the French fashion industry for its unique design style and concept. CHANTAL is also known as the "Godmother of Underwear". Underwear and underwear fashion are its greatest characteristics, creating a post-modern style for the brand. 4.Bordelle Top British lingerie brand by niche designers, founded in 2007 by Alexandra Popa and Javier Suarez. Its products are famous for their sense of line, especially bandages, with bold and creative designs, which are deeply loved by customers. Bordelle's products often appear in Vogue, Elle, Glamour and other famous fashion magazines, and many celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Monica Bellucci and Rihanna are loyal fans. 5.Carine Gilson Luxury underwear brand from Europe, founded by a couture underwear designer from Belgium, founded the underwear brand of the same name in 1994. Because of her exquisite choice of materials, she is famous for choosing only the best quality silk from Lyon, France, and lace from Calais as fabrics. All products are completed by hand in a studio in Brussels. A pair of Carine Gilson thong starts at $240, while kimono-style pajamas cost more than $1,360. 6.Chantelle French brand, founded in 1876, is the first brand to use elastic fabrics to make underwear. In 1949, bra measuring tape ,bespoken tape measure, Chantelle officially adopted the "Chantelle" brand name. The brand mainly targets urban women aged 25 to 45 and occupies a leading position in the French underwear market. 7.Agent Provocateur Agent Provocateur is a top lingerie brand from London, England, co-founded by Joseph Corr Corré (son of Vivienne Westwood, the "mother of punk" in the fashion industry) and his wife Serena Rees in 1994. Agent Provocateur aims to create luxury lingerie that "energizes women through elegant, luxurious and sexy lingerie." Tights cost $800, while a kimono costs $900. 8.Naja Designer Catalina, who was a successful Legally Blonde before founding the brand, founded the brand with the belief that women all over the world can be confident and beautiful, together with Golden Globe Best Actress Gina Rodriguez. Sweet girl style, small and fresh, comfortable to wear, cost-effective niche underwear brand. 9.Myla Myla is a British luxury lingerie brand with boutiques in London, Ireland and France. Myla's simple design is full of complex elements, creating exquisite, comfortable and seductive products, giving women a close feeling and tender care. The most special feature of the product is to integrate different elements and colors into different personalities and emotions of customers, stimulate and capture the power of women, and interpret the unique charm and tenderness of women. A pair of underwear starts at $162, and the popular pair of pajamas costs about $516. 10.Fleur of England British luxury lingerie brand, founded in 2001 by designer Fleur Turner. Fleur of England are changeable in design, and new products will surprise customers every season. The brand prefers to choose soft colors and incorporate sexy hollowed-out and lace elements. The material is mostly silk, which is very soft and smooth, and emits elegant temperament. Fleur of England has a wide range of styles, each design is as beautiful as a work of art, and has been highly praised, especially among women in their 20s. At the same time, its customer base is expanding, and it is the best choice for many stars such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Katy Perry. The brand average selling price is $182. 11.La perla La Perla, an Italian brand founded in 1954, is known as the "founder of fashion" and the "Rolls-Royce of the world". It started with underwear, and now its product line has expanded to beach wear, stockings, dresses, evening gowns and so on. It also has MALIZIA, MARVEL, GIORGIOPERLA men's wear, JOELLE nightgowns and other sub-brands. LaPerla entered China as early as 1992, then withdrew from the Chinese market, and entered China again in 2007. Because the brand has a profound cultural connotation and aesthetic artistic flavor, and it is very practical, so La Perla's bra is very popular with young people. 12.Pleasurements Pleasures, a high-end Dutch lingerie brand, is famous for its sexy lingerie collection. Each piece is made by skilled craftsmen, made of luxurious materials, and packaged in the form of a gift box with a beautiful gift. This brand designs different products for different tastes and styles, and is also the representative of "underwear wear outside". Pleasures is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It is called "The House of Pleasurements" ". You can enjoy the best service when you make an appointment. 13.Fox and Rose Fox and Rose is a designer luxury brand co-founded by Amanda Lorenzani and Alexandra Miro, and the two have become attached to each other. Just like the name of the brand, it represents two different sides of women, one is as seductive as a fox, the other is as elegant as a rose. 14.Lise Charmel LISE CHARMEL, the top underwear brand in France, was founded in the 1950s. In 1975, it was rebuilt by Mr. Jacques DAUMAL and became the top underwear brand leading the fashion trend, and even became the customization model of the French underwear industry. 15.Aubade One of the most expensive lingerie brands in France, founded in 1985 by corset expert Dr. Bernard, when the category of women's underwear was still very limited. Aubade's Marketing is very characteristic. In addition to the product album, all outdoor promotional pictures are black and white, emphasizing the beauty of women's body curves with large close-ups, which has strong visual impact and artistic aesthetic value. The most distinctive means of promotion is the women's course that it has persisted for many years. 16.Kisskill Australian lingerie brand Kisskill was founded and designed by Jane Carrodus. The founder worked for Peter Alexander and Bellechasse and loved women's clothing design so much that he founded the luxury lingerie brand in 2013. 17.Oysho Founded in 2001, Oysho, an underwear brand owned by Inditex Group, is a revolutionary concept derived from Zara Group's world concept of women's underwear and tights. Oysho is a brand full of youthful vitality and fashion dynamism, which endows all its product lines with fashion elements every season. Oysho is aimed at middle-class or older women aged 17 to 30, and the brand's aim is to satisfy customers who always like to reflect their taste and style in their clothes. 18.Parah The Italian underwear brand is Parah, which is famous for its delicacy, sophistication and texture. This brand is favored by many top celebrities and ladies. Designers are very good at showing gorgeous and sexy on products. The biggest feature of bra series is that it is full of Latin style, passionate and unrestrained. Parah actually has a very prominent identification mark, like to make the cup into a variety of styles, wavy, lotus leaf and so on. In order to ensure product quality, all Parah products worldwide are 100% "Made in Italy". - THE END - Whether you're a brand CEO, a fashion designer, or a retailer Come and apply for the course of Newton Business School-Hong Kong Fashion Buyer Institute! The recent opening time of International Buyer and Management MBA: August 12, Shanghai class; August 19, Beijing class; September 02, Shenzhen class The recent opening time of International Fashion Management MBA: Return to Sohu on August 26,garment measuring tape, 2016 (Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hong Kong) to see more Responsible Editor:.

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