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The beast's blood boils

The battle between Mulan cavalry and tauren warriors on the ground has reached the fatal moment of deciding the victory or defeat! In the face of the amazing destructive power of the tauren warriors, Mulan cavalry are still tenacious and unyielding resistance. Even if it was in vain, they would struggle to wield their machetes and take a stake from the totem pole before their heads were smashed. Even if they could not penetrate the heavy armor, they would try their best to find the angle of their hands, and then throw their spears with all their strength, leaving the wounds to the tauren, so that the blood they lost would bring these Boer warriors with seemingly endless brute force. Lionheart Prince Kahn watched helplessly as Mulan's sword flew up and down, and his heart was filled with tasteless bitterness. Even in close combat and serious chaos, these Mulan people are still not scattered, this is how respectable and tough opponents! Looking at the wooden stakes and rivets flying in the air from time to time, the iron hoop, your Highness's expression is still cold, but the bottom of my heart sent out a sad groan, what kind of steel knife Mulan people use? How can it be so sharp? What about us? His Highness Kahn even saw a strong tauren man, with only a half-meter-long stake left to fight bravely, and the stake, which was almost in the position of the ring hand, was covered with mottled knife marks. His Highness's eyes were moist. Mulan commander Tallebru is not the commander of any genius, but at least the rules and regulations can be done, in the face of adverse situations, he quickly made adjustments. The heavy conch with the commander's command sounded together, the panic of Mulan cavalry suddenly had a backbone, unable to move forward the snow camel cavalry quickly turned the direction. No longer looking for a gap in the battle. Instead, they gathered under the military flag in the rear. The camel cavalry, stuck by the tauren warriors, continued to fight bravely and fearlessly. After a large number of comrades-in-arms retreated, the blocking fighters won the space to turn around and began to instigate their mounts. Try to move the huge totem pole, play their exquisite and superb Mulan knife skills,heavy duty cantilever racks, although death is inevitable, but these Mulan cavalry as always maintain a high morale and consciousness. Blocking soon had a huge effect. Although the attack route is only horizontal Chen to two hundred sparse snow camel cavalry, but the tauren has been half crazy head, don't know with a small group of encirclement and annihilation of a small group, the main force to pursue the enemy's retreating cavalry. The historical tumor of Beamon's soldiers was completely exposed in this moment! As long as it is into the madness, Beamon fighters simply can no longer take into account the strategy and tactics! The only belief they have is to trample the enemy in front of them into the bloodstained earth! Although the tauren of the Bloodhoof Regiment are the Royal Guard, they are still not immune! In fact, until now they have not been blessed with "crazy war song", but the unique Boer people see the red half crazy, has made them lose their minds. These Boer warriors, after all, are not all made up of silver and gold ring warriors. Desperate to swim not to stop the cavalry. By a group of nearly crazy tauren warriors chase and intercept, a stick smashed into pieces at the same time, but also won a short and precious time, asrs warehouse ,mobile racking systems, fled back to the army under the flag of the Mulan cavalry finally got breathing time to adjust. The superb military accomplishment of Mulan cavalry also performed extremely well at this moment, and the officers roared angrily. Dredging and commanding the cavalry quickly built into a new charge, not long eyes of the sacral shooter want to mess up the position, these officers did not hesitate to wield a knife head, blood taught the dull sacral shooter should make what kind of choice, they are frightened to follow the legs and feet a little slow snow camel cavalry, urge the camel from both sides of the oblique stab into the rear, No longer dare to collide with the cavalry formation that has been sorted out at the forefront. Just a short melee, in the face of the terrible lethality of the Boer warriors, Mulan Snow Camel cavalry has lost about half of its men, but they still have three times the advantage of the Tauren warriors, still the same as at the beginning, three times! The first group of five hundred snow camel cavalry, under the personal command of Taletulu, rode in a row of two hundred and fifty, shook the reins, and rushed to their old rivals again, this time they had nearly three hundred yards of impact distance, which was enough to exert the impact of the snow camel! The second group of five hundred snow camel cavalry, together with the scattered sacral archers, under the supervision of the officer, split into two teams, a little circle, ran to the Boer soldiers behind a hundred yards of horse archers, this time Mulan people put their delicate riding skills all play out, they hook the camel pedal hiding under the belly of the snow camel, in the hands of the snow machete dial arrows at any time. No more than three rounds in front of the enemy! Just a few hundred yards away, with the fast speed and curved path of the camels, unless the "Biga" regiment is all "Shenjian Zheqin", otherwise it is impossible to completely annihilate these snow camel cavalry! The last group of assembled snow camel cavalry rushed out after the first two cavalry teams, even the fixed formation was too late to arrange, under the command of Commander Tallebru, turned around again. At this time, the camel's hooves had not yet stopped in the sand, and the heavy breathing was still spurting out of the camel's lips, but Mulan Capricorn had no time, and under the officers' shout, he clenched his teeth and whipped his beloved horse with the back of his knife, breaking open one bloody gap after another, and at the same time, his legs were clamped fiercely, sending out a breathtaking strange howl on the hump. Rush to the Bullhead Warrior again with rapid speed. Go! Go! Go! Let all their lips lick camel ****! Talebro's blood flowed and he shook his fist at his men and roared, and the great and painful loss brought the Mulan commander to the brink of losing his mind. It's like Champa kissing Tipolo! Once again, the tauren and Mulan cavalry crashed together, and this time the collision was far more tragic than the last one! Camel cavalry formation,industrial racking systems, although disorderly, but at least to ensure the embryonic form, and tauren warriors now have no formation to speak of! Mulan cavalry's second group charge finally had an effect.

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