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Online Games Fight the World Alone

I helped up the confusion and went to the ghost together to fill up the true yuan first. This guy really deserves to be called BOSS. After the two of us filled up, we actually felt that Zhenyuan was much purer. At this time, there was a crack in the ghost body, and the black gas jumped out of his body. I took the confusion and flew to one side. We had just left when the ghost exploded with a "boom". He is really a ****roach who can't be killed. He has only half of his body left, but he hasn't died yet. But his blood finally showed, a full one hundred and twenty thousand ah, no wonder all? Where's. I released a three-flavor fire rain, and in that miserable cry, the ghost ended his path of ghost repair. This time he was completely dead, and there was no chance of resurrection. Maybe it will be brushed out in the future, but he will never be so abnormal again. After this guy died, he lost a flying sword and a piece of clothes. Sure enough, it was a fairy armor and a flying sword. It seemed that he was a character in the ghost cultivation. The Flying Sword is a low-grade immortal weapon, with an attack of 600, a sharpness of 40, and a strength of 30, and an additional skill of flying. Flying swords can generally take people to fly, but the requirements are a bit excessive, only practitioners can use them. Clothes are also inferior immortals, defense 400, spell attack evasion plus 30%,industrial racking systems, additional skills ghost shadowless step. Looking at the booty in my hand, confusion and I were finally a little satisfied. There are so many secrets here that we walked to the banyan tree together. In the pond behind us, the lotus flower gave out a faint light. Chapter 24 Tree Hole Space (I) Since ancient times, Yin and Yang must be mutually reinforcing. The place of extreme Yin will produce the things of extreme Yang, and the place of extreme Yang will definitely produce the things of extreme Yin. Youming Villa belongs to the land of extreme Yin, and the lotus flower is the object of extreme Yang bred by the land of extreme Yin. But I and confused did not see that scene, if I saw it, I would pick it immediately. But every spiritual thing must be guarded by a divine thing. If we do pick it,heavy duty metal racks, it could kill us. Confusion and I came to the banyan tree again and looked at the ghost fire above. I don't know why, we all walked here, but there was no ghost coming down. We looked around the banyan tree a few times, and there was no way to go up. Such a big tree, can not go up, those ghosts can not come down, do we give up so much equipment? Obviously, neither of us is the kind of guy who treats money like dirt. If there is no road, we will fly up. But dare not fly too fast, suddenly come to a ghost repair like a ghost, then we are not looking for death ah! Halfway up the tree, we found a hole, a hole for two people to pass through side by side. Boss, how about it? Will you get in? This doesn't look simple. There's a tree demon in it, is there? Confused to see me do not speak, warehouse storage racks ,wire mesh decking, he reminded me. Although his ability is not low now, it does not mean that he can be invincible. Now the two of us are at this level. If we die, it will take a long time to come back. Besides, the ability to die once loses a hundred points, so I don't know when I can add it. I think we should go in, as the saying goes, seeking wealth in danger! Although I can't see through what's inside, I think it's definitely not simple. I wonder if we should go in first, and if there is nothing, then we don't have to go out again. With that, I smiled at the confusion and nodded to him. Come on, why is it always me? I said, can you hit the head once? Is this still the boss? Do you look like a boss? I don't want to go because I'm confused. This is a strange place. Maybe I won't die. ****, have you ever seen a commander in chief lead a charge in a war? Now that you know I am your eldest brother, then as a younger brother, you should explore the way for the eldest brother, there are some good things waiting for you! When I heard him say that, I immediately gave him a buzz. "Well, boss, you know I'm timid, so you should go!" Confused to pretend to be afraid, in fact, he is really a little afraid. So, let's go in together, and even if we two brothers die, we will die together. How about that? I have no choice but to go together. This boy doesn't live up to his reputation. How can I find such a little brother! Reader: Dizzy, I think of my younger brother when I am in danger. Why don't you let him go first when you are enjoying a happy life! Main character: ) Confusion and I walked in together, a flash of white light, we came to a passage. It turned out to be a huge space with many intricate paths that seemed to lead to the top of the tree. There are some birds that don't know their names wandering inside, but most of them are ghosts. Seeing this, I was confused and confused. How could there be such a place here? But when we tried to get out, the hole had disappeared. It seemed that the way out was at the top of the tree, and there was no way but to hit it. We walked two meters before a bird stopped us. The name of this bird is Iron-headed Eagle, which is a physical attack type. High defense, not too much blood, only twenty thousand points. When we attack, we can only kill more than two thousand blood each time. The road is so narrow that you can't use the Fairy Cloud Sword at all. Iron-headed eagle's attack is mouth and claws, each attack can hit us 200 points of blood. But our two star attraction method played the greatest role at this time, did not expect to be able to absorb the blood of the monster. We can't store too much blood on our bodies, we can only release it. The iron-headed eagle died with hatred, but nothing exploded. Confused quickly walked past, unexpectedly collected the body of the iron-headed eagle. Hey, what do you collect this for? Do you still want to make a suit of eagle fur? Although his fur defense is good, it can't compare with your fairy armor, can it? I was confused when I saw the collection of corpses. Boss, you don't know that the fur of these iron eagles is a good thing! Look at these feathers, they are all as hard as iron! Use this feather to make a cloak for brothers to wear, the key time is also a layer of defense ah! Cloaks don't take up space on your equipment,drive in racking system, and these feathers are light, so how comfortable they are! Confused to learn to collect, he saw these good materials of course will not let go.

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