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Perspective Golden Pupil (Fat Rabbit)

"Woof, woof, woof!" But as soon as Zhang Yilong walked into the gate under the leadership of Gu Changqing, there was a fierce barking from the right front. At that moment, Zhang Yilong was instinctively startled. He saw a big black wolf dog tied to the door not far away. The wolf dog was at least 1.2 meters tall and huge, like a calf. If he jumped up and bit people, That Zhang Yilong is really hard to greet. When the dog saw a stranger coming, it barked very fiercely and jumped up at Zhang Yilong with teeth and claws, which made people worry about whether the big thing would break free of the rope and then jump up and bite people. Don't scream, Dahei! Gu Changqing pointed to the wolf dog, which was quite familiar with people's surnames, and immediately stopped barking when the master shouted, just fawning at Gu Changqing and Gu Qing. "Zhang Yilong breathed a sigh of relief secretly. He actually liked small animals. He used to keep cats and dogs at home, but he kept a poodle, not a big wolf dog. But a house as big as Gu's really needs a powerful guard dog to guard." I want to raise such a big and obedient dog in the future. Zhang Yilong was curious and thought to himself, "If I raise a wolf dog at home, then I will raise a Tibetan mastiff. The Tibetan mastiff seems to be taller and braver!" Mind turning, has unconsciously followed Gu Changqing they walked into the living room of the villa, stepped into the threshold of the main hall, Zhang Yilong only felt suddenly bright, the decoration of the villa can be described as resplendent,mobile racking systems, luxurious. Black marble floors, bright mirror-like tiles, gorgeous crystal pendant chandeliers, pure black fragrant wooden tables with glass, imported famous brand cushions and chairs, exquisite carved mahogany furniture.. The whole room is almost indescribable. Brother Zhang, please sit down. I'll get ready first. Gu Changqing greeted, "Xiaoqing,shuttle rack system, you accompany Zhang Laodi, and I'll be right back." Then he got up and walked up the stairs, and the dragon turtle instrument he brought back was quietly placed on the tea table. For the dragon turtle, Zhang Yilong was still full of conjecture, because he wanted to know what the diamond-like orb hidden in the "belly" of the dragon turtle was. If it was a diamond as he thought, it would be valuable. Zhang Yilong, make yourself at home and sit down. Gu Qingqiao said with a smiling face, "This is my grandfather's house, and Uncle Six has been living here with him." "Oh." Zhang Yilong nodded thoughtfully, then he sat down carelessly, and soon an older maid served tea. Zhang Yilong, I want to see my grandfather first. You can go with me. After drinking the tea, I suddenly heard Gu Qing say. I Zhang Yilong was surprised, thinking that I would accompany you to see what your grandfather was doing. It seemed that I was just an outsider. How could I have the nerve to go directly to visit a patient I had never met? Yes Gu Qing said solemnly, "by the way, Teardrop Pallet Racking ,warehousing storage solutions, please help me to see if there is anything wrong with the geomantic omen in that ward." Zhang Yilong said, "Miss Gu, let me ask, since there may be Feng Shui problems in this house, why did you let your grandfather stay at home to recuperate?"? Can send a hospital, or the sanatorium with very good condition, convenient treatment is in the hospital, do not worry about the geomantic condition of ward again, this is the good thing that kill two birds with one stone? Gu Qing said: "We also want to arrange Grandpa in the hospital, but he refused, he insisted on staying at home, but now his physical condition is better, the condition is basically under control, but the leg has some problems, can not get out of bed." "Oh, I see." Zhang Yilong was suddenly enlightened and said, "It seems that your grandfather is very strong-willed, and I believe he will get better and better." "That's right. He used to be a soldier. He served in the Red Army and participated in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. He's awesome!" Gu Qing exulted and said, "Zhang Yilong, let's go. I think my grandfather must like talking to you very much. To tell you the truth, he is also an antique fan. You can see Tang Fang. If he knows it, he will definitely learn from you!" "I'm here." Is it appropriate to go and see him like this? Zhang Yilong hurriedly said, "I came in such a hurry that I didn't bring any gifts.". "What's inappropriate?" Gu Qing said, "My grandfather is very stubborn. If you give him something deliberately, he will be unhappy and afraid of owing others." "All right then." Under Gu Qing's invitation, Zhang Yilong had no choice but to agree to come down, so they went to the ward on the second floor. Came to the door, knock on the door did not respond, Gu Qing then carefully pushed open the door. And at that moment, Zhang Yilong frowned tightly, impressively visible, a black fog in front of him, at the same time, the "golden compass" hidden in his right eye also came out, and rapidly rotated, suddenly golden light, the fog in front of him was suppressed, gradually melted and faded. What a strong evil spirit! Is there anything dirty in this room?! Zhang Yilong was surprised. Brothers, don't forget to vote for the recommendation after reading it! The author needs motivation so that he can update a lot! Please, please give some support! The best is yet to come!) Chapter 0080 [Sarira Ruiguang 1]. Chapter 0080 [Sarira Ruiguang 1]. Urgently ask for a recommendation vote, don't forget to cast a vote after reading, give encouragement! This is not the first time that Zhang Yilong has discovered this kind of breath that is different from Reiki. It is very gloomy and weird. At first, he interpreted the strange breath that exists in the form of black fog as "evil spirit". Since there is Reiki in the world, there is evil spirit, but others can't see it. Zhang Yilong opened the "eye of heaven" and can find things that ordinary people can't see. The last time Zhang Yilong found the evil spirit in the storeroom of the pawnshop "Treasure Pavilion", he thought it was emitted from something, just like the magic weapon that emitted the spirit. In this way, there are bad things in Gu Qing's grandfather's ward,push back racking system, such as the objects used by the dead, which may remain the resentment of the spirits, but they are not auspicious things anyway.

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