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Cloud crazy txt complete works

Following the dark shadow, he gradually came to a remote place and glanced at the weeds around him. Yunkuang looked at the two rows of solemn men dressed in bloody clothes in the ancestral temple, which had always been deserted, and the old man sitting high at the top of the ancestral temple with a serious face. He felt a thunderbolt in his heart and was so shocked that he almost fell from his hiding place on the spot! Hunting wild geese all day long, but today I was pecked in the eye by a wild goose! Yun Kuang smiled bitterly and sighed, "Brother Shaoqiu, the man behind you really surprised me.". Inside the ancestral hall, Liu Jian and Liu Qing were solemn and dignified, cold and fierce, and domineering. There was no simple, honest, and obscene shadow in their expressions. She hid it from her family for seven years. Did these two not hide it under her eyes for seven years? I don't know how long the whole Liuzi family has been hiding from the world. This so-called loyalty is simple-minded, and it is a big lie! Think of the beautiful mother and grandmother seems to be kept in the dark, cloud crazy heart is not very taste, if not because of the words of brother Shaoqiu in the daytime let her realize that there is a ghost, come to this trip, perhaps she will take a long time to find out. Cloud crazy this tracking,Alumina Ceramic C795, entirely because Chu Shaoqiu today too strange attitude, she can not have such a good sense of self and idiot mind, think that their lovely gas on the world all handsome men love me. If something goes wrong, there must be a demon. No matter how good-looking he is, Chu Shaoqiu is not the kind of person who has no reason at all. Even if he has a good impression on her, he will not casually say such words as "protect your life" to a "man". His promise to himself today was more like an oath, like a determination. In addition,cordierite c520, he was the first martial arts master he met after Yunkuang came to this world to practice internal skills and mental skills. Yunkuang expected that there might be some superior behind him, and that he might have something to do with himself. Out of concern for him, he found out. But she did not expect that the so-called superior would be her father and grandfather! Yun Kuang was secretly annoyed. It seemed that she had been too negligent in the past seven years. She knew that she was practicing martial arts without going out of the gate of Liu Wang Fu. She didn't know anything about the situation outside. She was like a person who had been blindfolded and blocked her ears. Such a big lie had cheated her for seven years. It was a disgrace to her grandmother's house! "Shaoqiu, have you really decided?" Inside the ancestral hall, Liu Qing has a solemn face. Bearer to remove the mask, beautiful appearance suddenly revealed, although it is a black dress, the body is still showing that elegant and leisurely refined gas, not Chu Shaoqiu is which? He smiled faintly and said, "I've met Yunkuang's younger brother today, and I don't think he's the material. Since I've been a candidate for the clan since I was a child, and I've practiced the martial arts handed down from the clan, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,steatite c221, I'm duty-bound to make an appointment for a hundred years." "Alas." Liu Jian sighed lightly: "It's a pity that the crazy son was born late. The family of Liu Zi has a single lineage. Although the method of practicing is peerless, only one person can get the thousand-year-old Xuanzhu to practice Xuanbing Jue.". At that time, the madman's mother was plotted against by Leimen and was infertile for a long time. As a result, the Liu family had no queen. The remaining time of the hundred-year contract was less than twenty years. The younger generation would not be involved until they were less than twenty-five years old. Now you are the future king of Chu. It's really hard for you. Chu Shaoqiu, however, shook his head and said in a joking tone, "Uncle, you are fooling me. All the slightly powerful people in the world understand that what is the king of a country on the mainland of Longzhou?"? Martial arts in the world are all in the nine great families. The so-called Seven Kingdoms are just the representatives of the nine great families. The king is just a cover in the open. Blood to kill a who and contend for the front, if not for the restriction between the nine clans, in the capital of Chu, as long as the uncle ordered, directly destroyed the Chu Dynasty is also easy. Uncle and grandpa value, at the expense of self-destruction magic to force out Xuanzhu achievement Shaoqiu, and can control the blood killing team to hold the power of Longmen, others can not repair this kind of good fortune for several lifetimes, what is difficult for me? "You boy." Liu Jian was so amused by his leisurely attitude that he did not know whether to laugh or cry. He thumped him on the shoulder and said in a heavy voice, "You should know that the fierce struggle for a hundred years is completely a fight for life and death. The people chosen by the other big families are all the elite of the elite. Only the Liu family has a single lineage.". You are not a lineal bloodline. If you want to give full play to the power of Xuanbing Jue, you can only take the blood oath of Zongmen. You will be subject to the maniac all your life and hurt yourself. Once he dies, you will not live more than a day. This is unfair to you. And although your talent is good, it is not easy to stand out among those peerless geniuses, which is tantamount to death. "Xuanbingjue needs to start practicing at the age of seven. Kuangdi is too young. It's only ten years away from a hundred years. No matter how talented he is, he can't achieve great success in ten years. The Leimen family has long been ready. Since one of them will die, why should he be involved in something he doesn't know?" Chu Shaoqiu could not find a trace of fireworks in his clear eyes, and his tone was so calm that he seemed to be just saying a very common thing. As for the blood oath, before I saw the crazy brother, I still had some rejection, but now I have figured it out. It is my honor to be loyal to the young Lord. No matter how many years I have left, I can protect him for a moment. I will protect the young Lord thoroughly in my life. "Madman, a dandy who doesn't live up to his reputation!"! I'm so angry! Liu Qing blew his beard and stared, revealing the angry look that Yunkuang usually saw. When he heard that Yunkuang had driven Mr. Meng out of school, the old man was not a little depressed. Chu Shaoqiu was stunned, when he heard the word "dandy", his face was filled with a very strange smile, but unfortunately Liu Qing did not find it, he continued to sigh. If he can live up to his reputation, you can be the king of a country safely, which will fulfill my wish. But now he looks like this, how can I rest assured that the martial arts handed down from generation to generation will be handed over to him? My child, you are very sensible. Grandpa is sorry for you. I will not say much about guilt. Being in the Rapids,ceramic welding tape, if you don't go against the current, you can only be washed into the bottom of the river by the towering current. It's not easy to maintain this big family. If you can, how can Grandpa be willing to sacrifice his children?



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