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Doomsday Girl Becomes a Watch Girl

Even if the royal family's bullying and suppression are different from those of the common people, it is estimated that they can only afford to be bigger than the common people's home. How can he let his birth mother suffer such a grievance? But Shaken in his heart, Mai Jiakang shook his head with difficulty again and refused: "No, it doesn't matter what my surname is, but I have promised to marry into Yuzhu's family. In the future, my children will only follow Yuzhu's surname. If I promise you, this marriage will certainly not count. In that case, like Mai Qijun, he will become a villain who does not keep his word and does not abide by the agreed rules." As soon as the words came out, all the words that Xu Xiang and Mu Shouer wanted to persuade them were swallowed back into their stomachs. They were speechless. They could not say that Mai Jiakang had broken his promise with He Yuzhu, which was different from Mai Qijun's breaking his promise with Ke Baozhu. Ke Baozhu is the daughter of General Ke, so break faith with her, is perfidious, do not keep the agreement, He Yuzhu is just a village girl, not to mention break faith with her, is to admit that she is the status of Mai Jiakang's wife in the future, are all the wives of Ke's family who pay attention to the chaff? This kind of words in front of other women, they can brazenly say, anyway, in their hearts, their master is always the one who is different,endless swim pool, but if they dare to say this in front of He Yuzhu. They felt that with the power of He Yuzhu, even the disaster of Fu Beiwang and the mysterious death of all the personnel of the county government, they might not see the sun tomorrow before they knew her blood ability. But that is the position of the king of a country, even if the young Lord refused, if he Yuzhu wants the glory of the queen's position, will also be sensible to persuade the young Lord to give up the agreement into the wife, into the wife for normal marriage? In this way, although the master's side has to be alert to the ambitions of the young master's wife,massage bathtub manufacturers, the current predicament is easier to solve. Hsu Hsiang and Mu Shou-er, who received Ko Pao-chu's response, thought confidently. However, what they didn't expect was that after listening to their conversation with Mai Jiakang, He Yuzhu watched Mai Jiakang make a choice, but after his eyes were full of guilt for his birth mother, he actually raised his eyebrows and smiled: "Hello!"! You are so stupid! Why do you want to succeed in seizing the throne and pull our family Kang to do something that he is not suitable for? But it never occurred to me that there were other solutions to this matter, the best of both worlds? Any other way to make the best of both worlds? If so, how can we embarrass the young master here? "Do you have another idea when you say so?" Hearing this, Xu Xiang and Mu Shouer spoke with one voice. Very simple, since your masters have the determination to kill their husbands and seize the throne, why don't they have the domineering power to be the emperor? As long as she is the emperor herself, who dares to disrespect her? She was the daughter of General Ke. If she were the emperor, the royal family would naturally be the Ke family. What was the matter with the Mai family? Those Mai family members who are innocent can continue to be their farmers and peasant women. He Yuzhu, who was questioned by them, hot tub manufacturers ,5 person hot tub, had a look of interest and expectation in his eyes. Discuss again As for the succession of the next generation of emperors, in those years when your master was responsible, my family Kang did not have to make a choice in a short time like now. He could get more time to study and consider whether he wanted to be an emperor or not? If my family Kang is interested, then he will be justified to succeed to the throne. I have no obsession with my children's surnames and so on. No matter they are surnamed Mai, Ke and He in the future, even if they want to be surnamed Zhang and Wang, it doesn't matter. Anyway, they are my children and this will not change! If my family is not interested, but someone in the next generation is interested, Grandma will abdicate and grandchildren will continue! After saying the idea that shocked both of them. He Yuzhu then said with a half-smile, "If the unlucky two or three generations are not interested, then your master can choose a talented person from the people and courtiers to succeed her after a hundred years. Anyway, she was the queen when she was alive. Who can make her unhappy? As for after death, when everyone is dead, who cares about the prosperity and decline after death? Is the other party offering sacrifices on New Year's Day or something?" "As for the safety of Ieyasu and his children's descendants after the non-Ke people ascended the throne, you don't have to worry about this. No matter what their status is, I naturally have a way to create one for them. Even if the Dynasties change and the mountains and rivers change, no one dares to offend their status, unless one day, there will be unworthy descendants among them who are very stupid and incompetent.." "Uh.." Since ancient times, how can a woman be an emperor? Moriji couldn't believe his ears. After thinking for a while, Hsu Hsiang wondered, "Even if our subordinates agree, it is estimated that the court and the common people will not recognize it in the future." "Oh.." People here, from the Jin here you should be able to see, as long as they can barely survive, they have no mind to care about those in power is male or female, is fat or thin, is Weiyuan people, or barbarians! That's because you haven't heard of the history of our first female emperor through the ages, if you can also promote a female emperor to ascend the throne in this world. Even if women do not live up to expectations in the future, and are suppressed, and are more severe, such as distorting Confucianism and Zhu Xue, women's living environment will be better in a few generations. If women in this world live up to expectations, it is not impossible to win equality between men and women even in the feudal era. In this way, I don't have to worry about the living environment of my daughter, granddaughter and granddaughter who may be born in the future. Can try, listen to two people so not firm veto, plan to seriously, live this life well He Yuzhu, already in the heart for the descendants who have not yet been planned. To their words, he chuckled directly and said, "As for the reaction of the court, in my opinion, only absolute power is the truth. As long as you hold absolute power, reason will stand on your side. What you say is the rule and the imperial edict. On the contrary, if you have no power, even if you have great grievance and reason,hot tub wholesale, what is the use?" "Uh.." I want to think about it. "I'll go and ask the master!" By He Yuzhu's words, the two people who subverted the three views did not wait for Mai Jiakang's reflection. After saying something together in a daze, they staggered out. .

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