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Supersystem _ 20200215155758.

Shirley is also recalling the scene just now, from small to large, because of the family relationship, she has seen bigger scenes, but she likes to see Han Feng's indomitable appearance, and most girls worship heroes, just Han Feng for them, alone in the face of so many gangsters, that kind of momentum simply makes her palpitate! Everyone was silent for a while. Liu Yueshuang first asked, "Brother Feng, do you know that beam?" "I saw it once." The atmosphere seemed a little dull, so Han Feng joked, "It's really a disaster for beauty. What the ancients said is true. You should be careful when you go to the street in the future. Few people like you can resist the temptation." The scene suddenly became silent again. "Uh.." Han Feng looked back and found that the faces of the two girls seemed to be somewhat bad. Sure enough, there was no talent to adjust the atmosphere. It was not easy to make a joke but it was silent. Am I the king of silence? Han Feng smiled resentfully and simply shut up. Thinking about the West Side Gang. This Xicheng Gang has made no progress at all! Han Feng's face showed a trace of mockery. Recently, their gang's sphere of influence is getting smaller and smaller, and they are being forced to have no place to stand by the Dongcheng Gang. The main reason is that they have offended the wrong people. Once the lesson is not enough, the second time is still like this,cattle weight tape, even want to catch the line of the American Mafia, to kidnap the daughter of the current Mafia godfather, the results can be imagined. Han Feng has a good impression on Black King Kong. According to the information he found, Liang Zhigang is actually not a big evil person. On the contrary, he was born as a soldier. He works with friendship and loyalty. He basically has nothing to do with things that are harmful to nature and justice. He has made great contributions to the development of the West City Gang to today's scale. The reason why he joined the West City Gang, in addition to the pressure of life, the most important thing is to repay the kindness,Pi tape measure, it is said that the leader of the West City Gang helped him when he was in the most difficult time. From the last time Black King Kong made a prompt decision to stop immediately, we know that this man is brave, resourceful and steady. If possible, Han Feng doesn't mind making friends with him. After arriving at Shuimu, Shirley left first. She was thinking about her task and wanted to convey the meaning of Han Feng to her father, so that he could send a representative to discuss cooperation with Han Feng in detail. After she left, Liu Yueshuang said, "Brother Feng, Shirley seems to be interested in you." "What are you thinking about all day? Have you read too many romance novels?" Liu Yueshuang suddenly blushed like a ripe apple and said angrily, "No!" Khan, am I right? Han Feng thought of a word- "young girl Huai Chun". Liu Yueshuang blushed and stamped his feet bitterly and was about to run away. Han Feng hurriedly shouted: "Hey, you leave the pirates to me!" " Liu Yueshuang stopped, Surveyors tape measure ,Fiberglass tape measure, gave the pirate to Han Feng, and ran away. The pirate looked longingly at Liu Yueshuang's back and called out a few times. Chapter 143-New Goals "It seems that you are really dumb." Han Feng touched the pirate's skull. "Why do you pretend to be so pitiful? I won't abuse you.". If I hadn't been kind enough to take you in, would you still be alive? Maybe he was caught by some greedy guy to cook braised dog meat. The pirate seemed to understand Han Feng's words, immediately stopped humming, and even closed his eyes as if he was enjoying the touch of Han Feng. Han Feng did not go back directly, but came to a small shop near the school. Boss, do you have Erguotou? "Yes!"! How are you, little brother? Han Feng smiled and said directly, "Give it to me." Five bottles. The boss looked at Han Feng in surprise: "Good ~" Then, he took out five small flat bottles of Jingfeng Erguotou from the counter, 56 degrees. Han Feng looked at it, but shook his head and said, "Boss, do you have a big bottle?"? There are too few of these. "Uh.." The boss looked at Han Feng in surprise again. "Little brother, this is Erguotou. Do you want five big bottles?"? Erguotou is full of energy, and drinking too much is not good for the body. How many of you drink? The boss is also kind, he rarely see students buy this kind of wine, to buy must also be the kind of small flat bottle, big bottle is very rare, let alone buy five bottles at one time. When students drink, they often don't know the importance, but he has read about it in the newspaper. Several students in a dormitory of a university died of drunkenness in the dormitory because of drinking liquor. Han Feng laughed and said, "Boss, you misunderstood me. I didn't buy it for myself.". Don't worry, nothing will happen. Bring me five big bottles and give you the money. With these words, Han Feng looked down at the pirate who was sleeping soundly in his hand. Since Han Feng said so, the boss also no longer asked, to Han Feng took five bottles of Erguotou. Back to the residence. Han Feng opened a bottle of Erguotou and sniffed it under his nose. A mellow wine fragrance came, so that Han Feng could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. Does it look like it tastes good? Han Feng finally couldn't help it. He stuck out his tongue and licked the mouth of the bottle, but felt a spicy taste going straight to his brain, numbing the tip of his tongue. ****, it doesn't taste good! I'm ashamed to say that Han Feng has lived for so many years, but he really hasn't drunk Erguotou. In the past, when I was in the army, I was forbidden to drink alcohol in peacetime. Especially civilian officers like them. Usually use the brain more time, drinking this will affect the judgment of the behavior is absolutely not allowed. Otherwise, they will be severely punished. In Han Feng's impression, he only drank a few sips of red wine when he disguised himself as a successful person to attend a dance party in the course of several missions. Memory that kind of taste seems to be good, a little sweet, in addition,Horse weight lbs, Han Feng did not drink wine, after the rebirth is not a drop of wine. I only heard that Erguotou was so energetic that I decided to buy it today, but I didn't expect it to taste like this. It's so spicy. Will a pirate drink it? Han Feng looked at the pirate who was still sleeping. He was wondering if five bottles of Erguotou would be a little too much. He couldn't stand it when he just licked a little. The pirates could drink a cup. These five bottles of Erguotou were prepared for pirates.

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