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Reborn Miss Jiao of the Republic of China

She turned and went out, and as soon as she went out, she saw Gu Tingyun standing there, looking at her calmly. It was for a moment that Tang Jiao felt so wronged that her tears immediately fell down. Chapter 55 Gu Tingyun looked at Ayo's pitiful appearance and felt that she was as lonely as no one wanted her. He stretched out his hand and said, "Ayo is coming." Tang Jiao approached him with a smiling face, but there were big tears on her face. Gu Tingyun was so distressed that he wiped away her tears and coaxed her: "Don't cry." Tang Jiao was originally just acting, but when she saw Gu Tingyun, she felt wronged, especially wronged. Gu Tingyun looked up at the room, at this time Tang Zhiyong and Shen Lianyi have signed the document, see the big seal has been covered down. The two of them suddenly felt a little more sad. So I didn't notice the situation at the door. Until Shen Lianyi looked back. Who are you? She rushed out at once, and this man. A little familiar. Oh, the one who sent Buddha beads in the hospital. She pulled her daughter to her side and said, "I don't know you " Several people who accompanied Gu Tingyun did not expect to see such a situation, and everyone was a little embarrassed. What the hell is this! "Who are you?" Tang Zhiyong saw that the man in front of him looked familiar, but for a moment he had never thought of where he had seen him, but when he thought of what Hu Ruyu had said to him, he was intuitively disgusted. It's not good to scold others,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, so you have to scold your daughter. Yo Yo, you actually know these riff-raff outside, and the whole person has learned to be bad. I say you are more and more out of tune, the original. Ouch Mrs. Tang threw her handbag directly at Tang Zhiyong and said angrily, "This is my daughter. What right do you have to curse?" Tang Zhiyong was beaten by this woman for no reason. He was very angry. He stepped back and said, "You shrew, who are you scolding for being immortal?" "Just scold you for what?"? Stay out of my daughter's business. We all agreed. This is my daughter. You can take your concubine who will only cuckold you to fly together. I won't serve you,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, and you won't spend my money in the future. Mrs. Tang originally did not want to make such a big fuss, but also wanted to save some face, but when it comes to Tang Jiao, she will not take into account what face. If she speaks ill of her daughter, how can she tolerate it? Nature is how hard to say. Tang Zhiyong trembled with anger: "shrew, you gibberish shrew." Seeing this, Tang Jiao immediately opened her mouth in a soft voice: "Niang, my father just said he didn't want me.". Let's write it down in black and white and find a witness, or who knows if they will hit me again in the future. If they are short of money and insist on robbing me and threatening you to give money, you can't help it. Tang Jiao hung her head and slipped her toes on the ground. "Besides, our villa was the dowry given to you by my uncle, and it was also your name. Do you want to give it to them?" "No!" After all, Tang Zhiyong still had the backbone of a scholar. "I don't want anything, stainless steel welded pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Wire," he said angrily! Come on, write it down! Do you think I am the kind of person who eats soft rice! Shen Lianyi, no one wants a woman like you who only has the stink of copper! I, Tang Zhiyong, won't ask you for a penny. He went to the table and pulled out a piece of paper, wrote everything down with a brush, and then signed his name. Here you are Tang Jiao immediately looked up and whispered, "Seventh Master, will you help us to be a witness?" She blinked her big eyes and her face was full of entreaties. Gu Tingyun does not understand, obviously such a lovely little girl, why to experience such a thing. It seems that the little girl is really disappointed with her father. He nodded and said, "Good!" He entered the room, picked up his pen, and lightly signed the witness's name on the paper. Tang Zhiyong finally thought of who this man was! Looking at "Gu Tingyun" three big characters, and think of that sentence seven Ye, if he can not think of this time, then really is stupid to the extreme. He looked up at Gu Tingyun and immediately felt a little uncomfortable. After thinking about it, he said, "So you are the one.." Gu Qiye did not wait for him to finish, took away the paper and turned away. Tang Zhiyong: "" People don't care about him at all. Gu Qiye handed the paper to Tang Jiao: "Put it away." Tang Jiao sighed, folded it carefully, and put it in her bag. Mrs. Tang: "" Shouldn't I have this? The scene was quiet, as if a drop of a needle could be heard, and several people accompanying Gu Qiye did not know whether it was better to open their mouths or not. What's more, I don't know what the relationship between Miss Tang and Gu Qiye is. Everyone was so confused that they didn't know how to open their mouths. Tang Jiao said with a smile, "I owe you another favor. What should I do?"? I owe you a lot of favors, but I can't pay them back. Gu Tingyun slid the beads on his hand and smiled: "No need to return them." Paused, eye light Pure Brightness: "My this heart is good." People: (o ) What big joke did we hear? Tang Jiao smiled shallowly, the small pear vortex was looming, the eyes turned slightly, sweeping the mother's alert face, she also knew that this was not very good, outsiders looked, may not think that she had any great relationship with the seventh master. She is willing to pretend to be a tiger. She can't help it. Her character is not good. But her mother was always worried. Thinking of this, she sighed faintly and bit her lower lip. "We're leaving." Gu Tingyun nodded: "Go back." He looked at Tang Jiao in a cramped and cautious manner. I don't know how I lost my mind at that moment. He almost said angrily, "If you don't want her, I will.". Such a strange and inexplicable mind, Gu Tingyun felt that he should not have, and then look closely at the little girl, she stood under the window, the sun reflected on her face, muscle if congealed fat,304 stainless steel wire, white with pink face can even see a little bit of fine fluff, this little girl is really very small. A dozen? I don't know! He stared at Tang Jiao, enough to see Tang Jiao face more and more dyed red.

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