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Wudang System _ 20200215155718.

Szeto Rui saw his only hope dashed and sat on the ground, his mind blank. Hey, kid, where are you from? This is my place. Said a middle-aged beggar with a broken hand. Szeto Rui ignored it. At the moment, his mind was blank and he couldn't hear anything. You need to be beaten, don't you? Then he raised his unbroken arm. Szeto Rui also woke up with a look of fear. "The middle-aged beggar sighed and seemed to feel quite pitiful, so he did not start." Follow me in the future. It's really unlucky to meet a little beggar like you, who is still a mute. In the future, I will be an uncle with a broken arm. Said the armless beggar. Szeto Rui wrote on the ground: I am the Son of the Holy Church! "Son of God," said the armless uncle, "you little beggar can really brag. I used to have a good family, but unfortunately I met a bandit, so I have been reduced to this day. I also know a few words. You little beggar is really funny. Don't brag with uncle in the future. Do you know that the important thing for beggars is not to brag, but to live! Slowly, the armless uncle began to beg with Szeto Rui. Szeto Rui followed him blankly. Although he was still a teenager, his expression was really unlikable. At the end of the day, no one gave him anything. The armless beggar sighed and scolded, "I'm really unlucky to meet such a little beggar as you." With that, he gave all the steamed buns he had managed to get to Szeto Rui. Szeto Rui is really hungry. When people are hungry, they are willing to eat anything. This is instinct. Szeto Rui looked at the steamed bread, whether dirty or not, ate it directly,automated warehouse systems, and did not thank the armless beggar. In his memory, he always thought that it was natural for all people to be good to themselves, because he was a noble son! The armless beggar touched his empty stomach and sighed. For the next few days, he took Szeto Rui to beg. Slowly, Szeto Rui got used to the life of a beggar. He had experienced everything that a beggar had experienced. He had been beaten, laughed at, given alms, and had everything. The prince of the holy religion,metal racking systems, the beggar had experienced everything! Fang Lin is in the house at the moment. He is planning the future development of Wudang. Every few days, he will make some plans. Song yuanqiao was still paying attention to Szeto Rui, and when he was tired, he ordered three generations of disciples to watch him. Fang Lin's life is still very regular, as usual, occasionally go out, help people carry goods, do some good deeds. Taoist, how can I ask you to do these menial jobs? I'd better do it myself. The big fellow carried a bag of goods on his back. If you have nothing to do, I'll help you so that you can save some effort. Fang Lin said and helped lift the goods. The conscience of Hubei is not a title that can be formed in a day or two. At this moment, Fang Lin also feels the pleasure of doing good deeds, not just the prestige value. Walking along, Fang Lin saw Szeto Rui, Szeto Rui did not notice Fang Lin, at the moment he is begging, shuttle rack system ,pallet rack shelving, yes, begging, he is still a child, he does not want to die, he wants to learn to live! Fang Lin smiled and walked away, knowing that his life had not changed, but that Szeto's life had changed. His character has not changed, but Szeto Rui's character is slowly changing! Chapter 66 the request of Liefei. [Qi Shu Wang] Updated: 2012-8-17 19:00:05 Number of words in this chapter: 3566 Under the new person list, the new book period has passed, asks for the recommendation collection, at this time needs the support! Fang Lin looked at Szeto Rui from a distance. In fact, he was not too disgusted with Szeto Rui, because in the past, after seeing some negative things in society, he was so naughty. With the help of the thief's elder brother, he slowly changed. At the moment, Sseto Rui was just like himself in the past, so he also wanted Szeto Rui to change himself, because his character decided the fate of countless people. Today is a good day. The first large-scale society of Wudang in Yiling City has been built, and it has been officially recruiting disciples. Fang Lin was an orphan in his previous life, and he was quite grateful for compulsory education. At this moment, looking at the children who came to school, many of them wore shabby clothes, Fang Lin smiled. Sometimes, doing good deeds can not only win prestige, but also satisfy his heart. Fang Lin spent the whole morning doing good deeds. Before going back, he came to see Szeto Rui. As soon as Szeto Rui saw Fang Lin, he began to roar. There seemed to be an angry flame in his eyes. Fang Lin understood that he had not understood everything at the moment. At the helm of the Holy Church, the Pope, wearing a golden ring of gods, looked at the secret in his hand. Fang Lin could already guess one or two things inside. He believed that the Pope put his son beside him for education. It was impossible for no one to keep an eye on his son. He took his son to beg. The Pope should also be able to understand that this boy was too naughty. Pope smiled: "Sanfeng Saint, who are you? Have the courage to let me, the holy word of the living representatives of the gods, be a beggar." But the picture in the Pope's memory began to turn over. Many years ago, wasn't he dragged by the Master to do all the inferior work? Only when you know everything can you be qualified to be a pope! Fang Lin did not know all this. At the moment, he was in trouble. As soon as I returned to the station of Wudang, I saw the little witch Lifei. Fang Lin thought to himself, "It's not that I lost last time and I'm not convinced. I'll come again this time. But I'm a Taoist priest anyway. It's not good to gamble too much.". Lie Fei saw Fang Lin coming, with a happy face. To be honest, this girl is beautiful and has a hot figure, but her temper is as hot as her figure. This is a little hard to accept. "I didn't know that Miss Liefi would come to visit me, but I didn't welcome her far away." Fang Lin said. At this time, Li Shisan is also there, but his eyes are very strange, looking at Liefei, his face is full of dissatisfaction. "You deserve to be a brother," said Fang Linxin. "I know this girl is not easy to deal with. "Master Sanfeng," said Liefei,heavy duty cantilever racks, "you should know that the castellan is back." Fang Lin nodded slightly. The castellan wrote a letter to himself yesterday. He was a saint and had a noble status. When Fang Lin came to Yiling City, the castellan went out. When he came back, he wrote a letter to apologize. He also said that three days later it would be his birthday banquet. He wanted Fang Lin to attend and apologize face to face.

Chen Deng opened several "doors" in succession, and after a cursory glance, she finally stopped her hand in front of a small room.
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