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Here comes the beauty

The original Chu whispered to Wuchen, "Ah Er, all the dishes here are specially prepared for you alone." Smiling, Wuchen pointed to a plate on the table and said, "Ah Yi, don't you like steamed cabbage best? There are also steamed cabbage here." Wuchen picked up the chopsticks and put a chopstick of cabbage into the original Chuyi's bowl. "It's a coincidence," said yuan Chuyi sullenly. "I'm completely in your favor." At this time, a distillery pulled a cart and carried dozens of jars of wine to the outside of the inn. The leading one shouted, "Here is the best liquor ordered by a girl named Fang in our distillery." yuan Chuyi waved to them, "Put it over here." The wine-shop people put jars of wine on the table. The leader said to yuan Chuyi, "The wine money is seventeen or twenty-five yuan in total.". Miss Fang hasn't paid yet. She said that when we send it over, her servants will pay us for the wine. The original Chu looked at Wuchen, then looked at Jiang Ze, how to think how to feel that Fang Xiaojing said that the servants in the family seemed to refer to themselves. The original Chuyi can only angrily take out the silver to pay the bill. As soon as yuan Chu finished paying the bill and sat back at the table, he saw that Wuchen had already poured a bowl full of wine for Jiang Ze. Holding a teacup, he said to Jiang Ze, "Brother Jiang, I'd like to propose a toast to you first." Wuchen drank a cup of tea and Jiang Ze drank a bowl of wine. Wuchen poured Jiang Ze another bowl full of wine and said, "Brother Jiang, your capacity for liquor really lives up to your reputation. I'd like to propose another toast to you." Wuchen drank another cup of tea, and Jiang Ze drank another bowl of wine. As soon as yuan Chu saw it, his eyes almost bulged out. Er, what are you doing? Do you know that you are asking for death! If Jiang Ze is really drunk tonight, according to the bet,fine bubble diffuser, I will tell Fang Xiaojing where you live at night, and watch you being attacked by Fang Xiaojing at night. yuan Chu stretched out his hand and pulled the dust-free sleeve. Wuchen looked back at him. Ichi, what is it? yuan Chuyi whispered, "Ah Er, don't give Jiang Ze any more wine." Why? A puzzled look appeared on Wuchen's face. Didn't we invite Jiang Ze to the inn for dinner tonight just to get him drunk so that he could ask questions? yuan Chu scratched his head. I don't know if I should tell Wuchen the truth. Er, if I told you that Fang Xiaojing and I took you as a bet, would you want to beat me. yuan Chuyi was still hesitating, but Jiang Ze had already grabbed the wine jar and stood up. "Brother yuan, brother Wuchen is a monk. He can't drink. You can have a few drinks with me." Jiang Ze said as he poured two bowls full of wine and pushed one of them in front of yuan Chu. Brother Laiyuan, let's drink. Jiang Ze picked up the bowl, touched it on the original Chuyi's bowl, and then looked up and drank a bowl full of wine. yuan Chuyi had to drink a bowl full of wine. Brother yuan is a good drinker. Jiang Ze praised loudly. He was a man who loved wine, rapid sand filters ,lamella tube, and after drinking good wine, the depressed look on his face had been swept away. He filled two more bowls with wine and said to yuan Chu, "Brother yuan, another bowl.." The original Chu can only calm the face, the heart is depressed bowl after bowl to accompany Jiang Ze to drink down. Behind the screen, Zhong Fan reached out and took Gu Fengxi's wrist to feel her pulse, and quickly withdrew his hand. Miss Gu, you seem to be poisoned. "I also feel like I'm poisoned." Gu Fengxi said feebly, "Senior, do you know what kind of poison I am poisoned by?"? Can I be saved? Zhong Fan sighed softly, "Miss Gu, the name of your poison is jealousy. It's a kind of poison made by my sister Ke Yuqin when she was sixteen years old because she thought it was funny.". The toxicity is very strong, but the solution is very simple. Just drink more vinegar. "So the solution is so simple!" Gu Fengxi pretended to be surprised and reached out to grab the back of his neck. Zhong Fan looked at Gu Fengxi: "The solution of this poison is so simple, but I'm afraid people who don't know will never think of taking vinegar to detoxify.". If the Younger Martial Sister hadn't told me that vinegar could detoxify this poison, I wouldn't have thought of it. My younger martial sister is kind by nature and has never poisoned anyone. After she made this'jealousy 'for fun, she never used it again except to try poison on me and my younger brother Zhang Aotian, and the solution and symptoms of this'jealousy' were unknown. "I don't think anyone in the world knows that there is a poison called'jealousy 'in the world except myself, my younger brother Zhang Aotian and my younger sister Ke Yuqin, and no one knows the solution to this poison.". If anyone knows, it must be from the three of us. Younger Martial Brother and I have never mentioned'jealousy 'to anyone. If anyone knows'jealousy', it must be from my Younger Martial Sister. Gu Fengxi listens at the same time, at the same time only feels the back of the neck to itch, for a while itches for a while, involuntarily reaches out the hand to grasp forcefully. Zhong Fan looked at Gu Fengxi stretching his hand to the back of his neck, and a smile appeared on his face: "Miss Gu, I want to ask you, how do you know the solution of this'jealousy '?" "Ah.." Gu Fengxi looked up in amazement, "where do I know the solution of this poison? I just heard you talk about it." Zhong Fan smiled, "Well, Miss Gu, let me ask you another question.". How do you know about the symptoms of jealousy? Gu Fengxi grabbed the back of his neck and said, "Senior, why don't I understand what you said?" Doesn't this symptom show up after being poisoned? Zhong Fan sighed, "Miss Gu, it seems that I can only put it bluntly.". The poison of jealousy on your body has been removed by drinking vinegar, but why does your face show the appearance of poisoning? And why is your pulse beating so fast, like you're not detoxified at all? Fang Xiaojing, Jiang Mingyue and Mo Xiaomi listened to Zhong Fan's words, and their hearts were startled. This Zhong Fan is indeed worthy of the name of a miraculous doctor,MBR reactor, and even this can be seen. Gu Fengxi pretended to be stupid: "Senior Zhong, the poison on my body has not been removed, so my face is naturally poisoned..."

Chen Deng opened several "doors" in succession, and after a cursory glance, she finally stopped her hand in front of a small room.
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