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Universal light

Chen Deng opened several "doors" in succession, and after a cursory glance, she finally stopped her hand in front of a small room. A man in a Wei and Jin green shirt emerged in the white light of the door. He did not realize that he was being watched at all. He just frowned, scratched back his thick and slightly curly black hair, and then awkwardly put on a false crown. Chen Lantern hooked his lips, carried a new lantern, and stepped into the dazzling white light. According to past experience, whenever Chen Deng enters a strange world, her place must have two characteristics: First, it is close to the core NPC. Second Chen Deng stood on a huge piece of dead wood nearly ten meters high, under the scorching sun like a furnace, looking into the distance, surrounded by dozens of miles of endless dry loess, not a blade of grass, she could not hold back the corners of her mouth. Second, the place where the transmission came must be unusually "special." Mother! There's a monster! Chen Deng followed the sound and looked under the tree, and saw a naked, thin,rapid sand filters, yellow-haired child screaming and running into the distance. When the child stumbled forward on the cracked ground, suddenly, a group of dark birds flapped their wings and swooped in the direction of the child from the dead tree, scraping the hot ground and making strange calls. The owl-like birds, all black, with the sharp claws of vultures, and their wings spread out for a full meter,disc air diffuser, were in front of the child in an instant, blocking his way. The boy froze and stood motionless with glazed eyes, while the strange bird stretched its neck and surrounded him, as if it could pierce his head with its beak if he moved again. Chen Deng took out the dagger from behind, stepped on the dead branch, and quickly jumped down from the giant tree. She made a silent movement for the child, and quietly went behind the strange birds. Just as she was about to cut off the bird's neck with a dagger, a strange bird slowly turned around and made a fierce cry. Her hand stiffened and the dagger could not go down. It's not that I'm scared, but that these strange birds all have a face. Although it has human facial features, its mouth shows the unique hook beak shape of birds. They have one more pair of eyes than human beings, and their four pupils are like four wisps of ghost fire, twinkling in the blue sky and white sun. Chen Deng faintly remembered that he did not know from which book he had seen a strange beast called "", which seemed to look like this. This kind of bird likes drought, rotary vacuum disc filters ,multi disc screw press, and the place where it lives is often in drought year after year. No wonder this place is as hot as a furnace. The child was so frightened that his hands and feet were limp. When he saw Chen Deng coming over, he didn't care whether she was a person or a ghost. He hurriedly ran up behind her and pulled her clothes tightly: "Fairy sister!"! Help me! Chen Deng rubbed his head and was about to step forward when the child grabbed her skirt and held up to her what she was holding tightly in her arms like a treasure. Her eyes were shining: "With this, this is the treasure I dug out from under the withered peach tree!" It was a dusty bronze dagger, its scabbard badly corroded and covered with ugly lines like cracks. At least it was something given by NPC. When Chen Deng was about to reach out to pick it up, the strange birds rushed up and pecked at the child's hand crazily. The child gave a cry of pain and the dagger fell to the ground. The next second, the dagger hit the rotten stone, and the scabbard separated from the hilt with a crisp sound. Immediately afterwards, the dazzling red light splashed out from it, spreading over the vast wasteland with the momentum of swallowing the fertile sun, setting off a scorching heat wave, and approaching the city wall with its outline in the distance. The red light dispersed, and Chen Deng, who had been thrown to the ground by the heat wave, got up with an expressionless face and grabbed his disheveled hair. Fairy sister, here! The wizened child raised a swarthy face and bared his teeth at her, holding the unattractive dagger tightly in his hand. The strange bird clung to the back of the child's buttocks and stared covetously at the dagger in his hand. Chen Deng pulled out half of his scorched eyebrows and said in a cold voice, "No, take it back and bury it again.". Not wanting to understand her words, the dagger was in a hurry, "Zheng" from the scabbard, obviously the handle and scabbard body had already produced ancient patina, but the blade was extremely sharp, drawing a brilliant light in the air, deeply inserted into the soil under Chen Deng's feet. Chen Deng stepped back, and the dagger broke through the earth and caught up with her again, followed by the birds. She simply grabbed the child and turned to run in the direction of the city wall in the distance. The dagger obviously had limited action and could not catch up with him, so he could only watch Chen Deng's back getting smaller and smaller on the scorched earth. Hello! Is there a reason to dig me out and not take me away?! A hoarse female voice suddenly resounded through the whole wasteland, as if from the distant horizon. Chen Deng's body shape a meal, she slowly turned around, the corners of the mouth hung a successful smile: "Finally is the opening." She took her time retreating, and with little effort she drove away the menacing birds that looked like they could eat human flesh. Chen Deng pulled out the dagger and put it back in the scabbard. He watched it lying obediently in the palm of his hand and let her wipe the patina on the surface. He said to himself, "No wonder Curly likes to play tricks on people like this. It's really interesting." The hoarse female voice came out of the dagger again: "Where are you going?" Chen Deng frowned, thought for a long time, or in the little doll secretly prompted, only to remember the name of the key NPC he was looking for in the world. Find a man whose surname is Tan Tai. Before the dagger could speak, the child on one side jumped up and waved to her in an attempt to divert her attention: "Fairy Sister, are you looking for Mr. Tan Tai?" "Mr. Tan Tai is the new county magistrate, he is a good man," the child grinned tunnel, to Chen Deng this from the sky, can also fly down from the tree "immortal" face worship,Mechanical fine screen, "sister, are you here to save our north mausoleum?" Chen Deng looked at his sparkling eyes, and there was no wave in his heart: "No."

Chen Deng opened several "doors" in succession, and after a cursory glance, she finally stopped her hand in front of a small room.
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