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Windows RT jailbreak tool unleashed online



Windows RT was recently hacked to allow it to run unsigned desktop apps, and now it seems anyone can run that same hack via a simple batch file.


Someone dubbed Netham45 has packaged the hack into a batch file that users can trigger on their Windows RT tablets. That hack enables people to launch unsigned desktop applications compiled for ARM-based RT devices.


The tool takes advantage of a hack revealed earlier this week by someone identified only as clrokr. In a blog, clrokr explained how he was able to change a value in the Windows RT kernel to bypass certain restrictions put in place by Microsoft. Those restrictions determine what type of applications RT can run, such as Windows Store apps and desktop apps.


Of course, there are a few gotchas for anyone who wants to run the hack.


The value can only be changed in memory, so the batch file must be triggered each time the RT device boots up.


Standard desktop applications are designed for Intel x86-based processors, not ARM chips. Any desktop program must be recompiled before it can run under the ARM environment. In his post, Netham45 points to a list of apps already recompiled for RT, but they're few in number. Another post offers a tool to recompile certain apps, but that process would pose a challenge to the average RT tablet owner.


Microsoft's response to the initial RT hack was cool and calm. The folks at Redmond dismissed the hack as any type of threat, saying it's not something the average user could or would do. The company even applauded the efforts of the hacker yet hinted that it would likely shore up RT in a future release to put the kibosh on this hack.


And now with a batch file available to anyone, Microsoft is even more likely to try to close up this hole. But the creator of the tool seems determined to keep up the fight.


Addressing the question of whether Microsoft can patch this, Netham45 said: "Yes and no. They can patch it through Windows Update, but since we have the ability to reinstall from recovery partitions we can revert any Windows Updates they release."


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